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Todd Tilghman Releases New Music

Todd Tilghman has new music out. The talented singer released his newest single “In a Heartache” today his Valentine’s Day gift to his fans.

As a member of Team Blake Shelton the talented artist won season 18 of The Voice. Since his record-breaking win Tilghman has been hard at work. He has moved to Tennessee, so he remain close to his family while working hard on his music career. Tilghman is also writing a ton of songs so he can deliver more music to his fans. In addition to working on new music Tilghman has a residency in East Tennessee. The residency allowed the talented artist to meet some of his fans.

“It was good I had an opportunity to meet a lot of the people who supported me while I was on the show… I was telling the truth I had never performed [before The Voice]. I think still to this day it worked in my favor. I don’t really know how to perform. I just know how to sing and tell stories and having a fun time you know with the crowd. I don’t know how to put on a performance and so that kind of gave me a baptism by fire to go through all of those,” said Tilghman.

“I put my show together and that show was kind of half and half. The first half was songs people heard me sing on TV and the second half was songs I sang at church. So what’s coming next is you know I’m not crazy. I know people don’t want to come to a show right now and hear all originals because they don’t know any of it. But I’m being able to introduce some of the stuff I’ve been writing and that’s real fun,” continued Tilghman.

Today Tilghman’s fans woke up to a Valentine’s Day gift. The talented singer released his new single “In a Heartache.” The single has been doing well on iTunes. Tilghman wrote the song with Don Poythress, and Tony Wood. The trio wrote the song from the perspective of if you had to go through everything again that got you to where you are, would you?

“So here’s the thing I don’t know what’s going to happen or what kind of music I’ll be writing five years from now. But today I have the luxury of writing about what I’ve experienced. I literally had this conversation just yesterday with someone. You know I believe it’s Brooks and Dunn that sings ‘Hard Working Man’ and they say I wear a steel hard hat. I know they don’t really wear a steel hard hat they’re country singers. But they relate to it. I’ve not technically gotten to that point. There is only one song that shares a narrative that didn’t really happen to me but I relate to it well so I ‘m cutting the song, said Tilghman.

“… I write a whole lot with Don Poythress and Toby Wood. When we started writing it Don had this idea of almost a rock feel song that has a little bit of guitar like grungy old school. The idea was let’s write a song about even though now it’s over, if you could go through it all over again would you do it? But because I was planning on cutting the song I was like what if we made it, it’s not over but if we had to go through all of that to get to where we are now would we do it? So that’s why it is called ‘In a Heartache.’ the story of the song is, in the beginning you have high hopes, and you realize relationships are hard man. You go through a lot of crap you know. But if I had to go through all of that again to get to where we are at now I would do it in a heartache. That’s the whole premises of the song,” continued Tilghman.

In the addition to the new music Tilghman is hard a work setting up shows, writing and there will even be a book thrown in.

“Oh man I have a ton of other songs… I have several live performances lined up. I have another big show. That is something I did. I had a big hometown show and under the COVID circumstances it was very successful…I am going back home in April they have a festival every year Jimmy Rogers the father of Country Music is from my hometown. I am going to that. There is a book coming out in June about our life and our family. My wife went on a podcast and the lady that did the podcast has now become a dear friend to us and her whole family has. The lady on the podcast said y’all should write a book and she is an author and it really has gone well. Harper Collins, Thomas Nelson is publishing the book,” said Tilghman.

“ I don’t know you’ve interviewed me a few times. I’m just flying by the seam of my birches. I don’t know all of these things are happening. Music’s coming, I’m having conversations with a few labels. It would knock my socks off if I could succeed independently. I would love that because then you’re not tied to anything. But basically when I tell people what’s coming it’s with a little asterisk. If I sign with a label aside from the book everything could change. I’m planning on putting the full EP out probably around June the same time the book comes out and probably a single every six weeks or so between now and the end. It’s an exciting and scary time,” continued Tilghman.

“In a Heartache” is available on your favorite musical download/streaming site. The talented singer also released a music video to accompany the single which can be found on YouTube.

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