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The Pieces of the Puzzle are falling into Place for Ben Allen

Ben Allen has advanced to the lives. The talented country singer now finds himself on Team Gwen Stefani after Stefani used her only steal of the Knockout round on Allen. Allen became available to steal after the talented singer lost his round against Team Blake’s Worth the Wait.

Allen advanced to the Knockout rounds after he beat Sam Stacy during the Battles. Blake Shelton gave the pair “Free” by the Zach Brown Band. During the Battle Rounds Team Blake was mentored by country music star Kane Brown. Allen loved hearing about Brown’s journey to stardom.

“Kane Brown was a cool cat. He had good things to add about stage presence. And just hearing about his journey the way he came up kind of quickly and without a lot of stage time before he hit the big time. You know it was really interesting to hear that angle of it,” said Allen.

For his Knockout Round performance Allen sang Luke Combs' "She Got the Best of Me". Allen went up against the talented trio Worth the Wait. While both Allen and Worth the Wait left all they had on the stage Shelton named Worth the Wait the winners. While Allen lost the round his time on the Voice did not come to end thanks to Stefani. The steal from Stefani surprised Allen.

“I had no idea that was coming. When it did I walked off that stage and thought you know all the pieces of this puzzle might come together for me. You know every time something goes in your favor like that you start believing in the possibility of things a little bit more. I believe in my ability but I certainly didn’t come to this competition with a belief that I could win the show. Now that keeps creeping into your mind a little more that hey you have a shot at this thing,” said Allen.

Allen chose to sing “She Got the Best of Me” to show he can perform a more current song. Allen’s Blind Audition and Battle Round performances featured songs that are over a decade old.

“I felt like it was a good song for that particular round of the show. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the writers of the song, and so it kind of stuck out to me as a good option. Lyrically I like it a lot and I felt like it fit right in to my wheel house,” said Allen.

“I wanted to be able to show something much more current. The previous two rounds I had done two songs that were several years old and I thought something within the last couple years would be great to put out there because that’s the bulk of what I do on stage in a given performance is current…. And all of sudden I thought well I’m almost coming across as a classic country performer and while that’s accurate it’s not the whole picture,” continued Allen.

During each season of The Voice the Knockout Rounds feature a mega mentor. This season the mega mentor was Usher. Allen was impressed by Usher’s work ethic.

“He was a really interesting guy. What I got from him is work ethic, from what he said and from what people on staff told me of him. Just the tremendous amount of work ethic that that guy has put in for his whole career and it kind of gives you a little window into what it really takes to on top…” said Allen.

“With my band and I there has been so many times where it’s two in the morning and we’re loading our gear out after a show and one of my guitar players will grin and say you want to be a Rockstar huh? So, it’s like that. If you want to be at a high level it’s not going to come cheap. It’s going to take a massive amount of effort and that’s what I got from Usher. It was kind of a realization of what it takes,” continued Allen.

Allen will now move on to the Lives. During the Lives America will get the opportunity to vote for their favorite artist. According to Allen he had to continue having great performances in order to remain on the show.

“I have to give simply more impressive performances every time. I’ve got to show different dynamics, things that I’m hopefully capable of, and connect with the audience, the fans. I know there is a tremendous amount of country fans for The Voice out there in America and I’ve got to look each one of them in the eye at once and connect with them. That’s what I want to do,” said Allen.

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