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Pete Mroz is Set to Release New Music

While on The Voice Pete Mroz not only ran into an old friend in Blake Shelton, but the talented singer was also able to grow his fan base. Currently Mroz is entertaining his fans with shows and new music.

According to Mroz his experience was not like most artists on the show. Mroz’s experience on the show was influenced by the talented singer’s age, job, and family.

“I think you can assume that the experience for me was probably different then a majority of the people. just because of my age and where I am in life. It was difficult for me just because I have a family, I have a job and it’s quite a demanding job. My company was so supportive I mean it blew my mind how supportive they were. But I still had a lot of responsibilities attached to that job. So I was constantly working while doing the show. So, when little things that might not seem like a big deal to most people seemed like a big deal to me. like really you want me to do what?... It became very television to me which takes away from the joy,” Said Mroz.

“Overall, I would tell you wow what a fun crazy ride that was. You know I never would have thunk it, you know what I mean? It’s crazy, it’s a trip. Here I am during the pandemic hanging out with my family 24/7 because we can’t go anywhere, I get an email and fast forward three or four months and I’m in LA wearing masks and there’s plastic everywhere and I’m like what’s going on? I’m making music in a way that I’ve never made music before you know television, It was pretty trippy. So, by the time you saw me leave the show I was really ready…. The coolest thing for me is I’ve met all kinds of new people like yourself. My fan base online went up and now when I release music, I have a legitimate shot of getting it to a lot more people. So that’s what was really cool and the price for that is I went on a television show…” continued Mroz.

Mroz’s music is reaching new people each day. The talented singer is gearing up for new releases in August and in September. The next music release will be on August 14th. The song Mroz is set to release is called “It’s Always Been You.” The latest single is the first of three coming out in the coning months.

“Next on August 14th I am rereleasing a song call “It’s Always Been You.” I went in with Blake’s base player the one that he stole. He produced three tracks for me and we’re going to release them one at a time. The first one is going to be ‘It’s Always Been You’ on August the next one is a new one that I am going to release in conjunction with the show on September 20th when it airs. It’s called ‘I believe It’ If I can get the people together, I’d like to do an alternate version of ‘I Believe it’ with several of The Voice contestants. They’ve already said they’d like to do that with me…” said Mroz.

In addition to the new single being released on August 14th the talented singer released a new single a few weeks ago. Mroz recorded “A Song for You” as a gift for his wife Toni and decided that his fans deserved to hear his version of the song.

“’A Song for You’ by Leon Russell. I did it in the fashion of Donny Hathaway because I love Leon’s, version, Ray Charles’ version, and Donny Hathaway’s version but I’ve always felt I identify most with the emotion of Danny Hathaway’s version. I recorded this song I want to say a year ago now or maybe even a year and a half. I was driving back from Birmingham Alabama… I was driving early in the morning to get back to the family and the next day was Valentine’s Day. I had this Idea that I was going to sing this song for Toni, my wife as her gift for Valentine’s Day. You know I want to give her this song….” Said Mroz.

“I Thought it was just a beautiful song and it was just sitting there, and I was like you know what I want people to hear this. Coming off the show where everybody hears me sing cover songs, I thought it would be pretty cool to have this as a bridge song. Like a song coming off the show, here’s a cover song people are familiar with it and the next release will be my material,” continued Mroz.

In addition to the new music Mroz is playing shows. Mroz’s next show will be with fellow Team Blake teammate Jordan Michael Young at Their coach Blake Shelton’s bar Ole Red in Tishomingo. To find out more info about Mroz’s shows and music releases visit

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