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Pete Mroz Hopes to Inspire People to Chase Their Dreams

Pete Mroz and Blake Shelton have reunited. 25 years after the two singers were part of a Songwriters’ group called the Young Writers, Mroz has joined Team Blake on season 20 of NBC The Voice.

Mroz got his start in music at a karaoke night with the help if his father. While the talented singer needed a push that night once he was on the stage it catapulted him into a music career that would eventually lead him to The Voice stage.

“…One night we were sitting in a restaurant that had a karaoke thing going on. The restaurant was noisy as can be and he puts my name in this thing and I was like no. no, no I don’t want to sing. He was like you’re going to sing, and I was like ok. And I was like what am I singing, and he said you’re going to sing ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles,” said Mroz.

“I felt like I was thrown to the lions. Boom the place is busy as can be and after I got through the first line of the song the place was completely quiet. I had this moment like this is what I am going to do. Now I didn’t know what that meant. I had no clue where those roads would lead. But I knew at that moment I was like wow this is amazing. That the place was so noisy and then you could hear a pin drop and so that’s where I hot started,” continued Mroz.

For his Blind Audition Mroz sang Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home." Mroz was able to get two coaches to turn their chairs. Turning their chairs were Shelton and John Legend. Legend and Shelton both fought hard for the chance to work with Mroz in end the talented singer chose to join Team Blake. Mroz hopes Shelton can help him choose a lane in which he can thrive.

“I think I can learn from Blake a little more about getting into a lane, a genre if you will. I’ve heard my whole career that people like to define an artist by what genre they sing. I think Blake can really help me with that aspect. You know country music has changed a lot over the years. There is a burred line between what is considered country and what is not these days. I’ve always had friends in the country music industry so it makes sense for me to be in that lane, but I think Blake can really help me with defining that,” said Mroz.

Mroz was compelled to audition for The Voice because of the power of the show. The power of the show has to spread the music of artists all over the country.

“What brought me to The Voice? That’s a good question… I started following the Voice because of my connection that I knew Blake Shelton back in the day. It was something that he was doing that I was like look at that he’s now a coach on a tv show where people sing. That’s what initially attracted me to it,” said Mroz.

And then I saw the power of The Voice. How they have great singers on there. It’s not hokey, it’s got validity to it as a singer as an artist. I fell in love with the show as a viewer watching it. My wife and I watch the show. It’s a rocket show. It’s so hard today to get to people. There is so much in the media, and so much in the pipeline of music that’s out there. People consume media in so many different ways these days and The Voice is a good way to speak to a lot of people,” said Mroz.

While he is on The Voice Mroz hope he can inspire people to chase their dreams.

“What I hope to accomplish on The Voice, is I want to show people on this platform that you can chase your dreams. You’re never too old. You can do it responsibly. You don’t have to throw everything to caution to the wind and just be a starving artist. You can do multiple things. You can chase your dreams. It might sound cliché to say this but it’s true, don’t give up, keep on pushing. I say to my son all of the time be thankful, live in the light, don’t let that darkness get you and keep giving. You know giving is good… It doesn’t necessarily mean a record contract, and everyone knows you and that type of stuff. Yeah that’s great, but I would rather send a message of hope,” said Mroz.

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