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New Music May be Coming Soon For Todd Tilghman

Ever since being crowned The Voice Champion Todd Tilghman has been hard at work. The talented artist is hard at work playing shows, writing, and making new music.

While on The Voice, Tilghman delighted fans with his performances each week. Now instead of a weekly performances Tilghman goes on TikTok to entertain his fans. On TikTok fans can find Tilghman covering some of their favorite songs.

“…Let me just say I am probably one of the most unlikely candidates to fool with TikTok. But I’ve had a lot of people advise me to stay active on TikTok… “said Tilghman.

Currently Tilghman is working on releasing new music. One of the songs fans can look forward to hearing is one some may know. The talented artist is getting ready to release “Sandcastles”. Tilghman first released this song on YouTube. While this song may be different then what the talented artist is used to releasing it has been a song that has resonated with so many if his fan. The reaction has led to Tilghman possibly doing a full release for the song.

“You know what I think so yeah. So, this Is a loaded question. So first of all I have a full album. I mean it’s not finished. But if I wanted to release it in album form I could have it finished and out by the end of the year. You know I’ve been working, working, and working,” said Tilghman.

“I’m in conversation with a couple of labels you know you’ve had enough of these interviews to know who knows… so that stalled me out a little bit. But I am kind of getting to the point where if the label doesn’t just move and it’s fine if they don’t. I feel like if I work hard and that’s been my mantra the whole time if I work hard the right thing will happen at the right time with right people. Whether it’s with a label or not…. So, I kind of stalled out on releasing music that’s why ‘Sandcastles’ came out on YouTube only. I’ll probably release ‘Sandcastles’. You know for what it’s worth ‘Sandcastles” is a little different then what I’m doing. But honestly, I just woke up in the middle of the night and wrote it and it’s a true story. A passion project for me…I’ve got that, I’ve got a tone of music,” continued Tilghman.

Tilghman decided to release “Sandcastles” when he did because he promised he would. The song currently has over 13 thousand views. The YouTube release has allowed people all over to listen to and connect with the song.

“Because I told people I would. It’s weird to me. Here’s the thing with me, I don’t know how to put this, but I am not this really wholesome wonderful guy. You know I don’t want to seem like that’s what I am trying to say..., but I had promised people that Sandcastles was coming… Then because of these conversations I was having with labels my attorney recommended I not do a full release of it at the time,” said Tilghman.

“If I say I am going to do something, and it does not happen I hope people understand it was either something out of my control or it was really important not to do it at that time. So that’s why I did it, but I think I am getting ready to do a full release in it soon... You know “Sandcastles” is never going to be song of the year let’s be honest, but I will say of all the stuff I’ve put out covers and originals I’ve gotten the biggest response on that song. People have emailed me they’ve come to me after show even shows I didn’t sing “Sandcastles” in…” continued Tilghman.

Tilghman will be going out on tour soon if you would like to see if Tilghman will be in a city near you please visit Todd Tilghman on Instagram (@todd_tilghman).

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