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New Music Coming From Josh Gallagher

Josh Gallagher is not letting the Pandemic get the best of him. The talented singer is continuing to play shows with his band and is getting ready to release a new music,.

Like many Gallagher and his band have seen quite a few shows canceled over the last year. While Gallagher has had a lot of his shows canaled he is not letting that get him down. Gallagher and his band have continued to play shows in Downtown, Nashville and work on new music.

“I’m working on my new record; I just got my single back. It’s going to be released in April. I just finished it with my producer. So yeah, I’ve been writing weekly like normal, I’m playing some shows Downtown… We’re trying to fill some dates from March on and I got a few of the dates that were canceled in PA last year rescheduled for this year. So hopefully it all goes well…” said Gallagher.

Gallaher’s newest single will be released next month and is called “Bright Side.” According to Gallagher the song is different than anything he has ever done before. The song which is written for Lindsey, Gallagher’s wife draws on inspiration from country music superstar Eric Church.

“The song is called ‘Bright Side’ and it’s a song for Lindsey, my wife. But I didn’t necessarily write it for her it just kind of happened. After we got the song done, I looked at the other cowriters; Dan Alley, Mark Addison Chandler and John Caldwell and I said hey I am going to cut this song. The song is actually really cool. It’s different, it’s way different than anything I’ve done so far. it’s basically about the bright side of any relationship I’m talking about every man has a dark side and if he has a woman on his arm that is willing to stay with him through all of his shit she is the bright side of everything. Almost like she is the better half. That’s what the song is about,” said Gallagher.

“…It’s actually super cool because I haven’t really done anything that is like Eric Church. I am a huge Eric Church fan as you know. I haven’t done anything in my career yet that leans towards Eric Church. That darkness with a really pretty melody over top of it. So that was kind of the angle when we were writing it… It’s cool, I love it. I’ll be honest it’s probably one of my favorite songs that I’ve cut and wrote. Not because I wrote it but it’s just different. It’s a completely different vibe and sound than all of the songs I did in the past. It’s still very me, it’s just newer, a little dark, mysterious, and super Chiefy. I love it and I think people are going to love it. Every time I play it everyone says they love the song. I can’t wait. I’m super pumped. When I released Turn Around Town that EP I was excited for that, but I wasn’t as excited as I am for this Song,” continued Gallagher.

Fans will not have to wait very long after “Bright Side” is released to hear Gallagher’s next song. The talented artist will be releasing a new song every moth through the fall. The music releases will culminate in a new album.

“I’ll be releasing a single a month into the fall with three summer singles between June and July. Then I’ll pair all those songs up with five more for a full 10 song record that’ll come out at the end of the year. Which is badass, I am really excited about it,” said Gallagher.

To keep up on all things Josh Gallagher visit his website at

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