John Sullivan is Poised to have a Long Career in Music

From the baseball diamond to The Voice stage John Sullivan was able to make it through to the Battle Round on NBC’s The Voice.

During the Blind Auditions Sullivan sang Jim Croce's "Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels)". The talented artist impressed coached Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Both Shelton and Stefani fought for the right to be Sullivan’s coach but in the end, Sullivan would choose Shelton.

“I chose Blake because he is a winner. He is just a cool guy and I know from just watching the show before how he treats his artists with respect. He seems like he follows up with them and I kind of wanted to have a coach that I could develop a relationship with whether or not I move far along in the competition… He just seemed like that type of person to me,” said Sullivan.

“You know it wasn’t until Gwen turned around/ I never thought I would think twice about choosing Blake, but they’re all just such amazing people that whenever one of them wants to give you a chance you can’t help but consider it. So, I didn’t see myself leaning towards anybody else but I also didn’t see myself getting more than one choice or any choices at all. So, it was tough to turn Gwen down but I think in the back of my mind I always wanted to be on Blake’s team,” continued Sullivan.

During the Battle Rounds Sullivan faced off against fellow Team Blake member Jim Ranger. Shelton gave Ranger and Sullivan Kane Brown's "Good as You”. The pair was not only coached by Shelton, but they were also mentored by Brown himself. While the coaches were impressed by not Sullivan and Ranger, Shelton named Ranger the winner ending Sullivan’s time on The Voice. While the talented artist did not advance further, he did accomplish one of his goals.

“Honestly [my goal is] just meeting new people and networking. And getting into a place when I can be creative with other artists and walking away with some new friends that want to collaborate…. I feel like the real meat of the whole experience is getting to know these other people. Just being creative with everybody and putting our minds together. Finding some time to work with each other. So that’s pretty cool to have some cool friends out of this whole thing,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan’s time on The Voice may have come to an end, but the talented artist looks as though he is poised to have a long career in Music.

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