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Jim Ranger is a Proud Member of Team Blake

NBC’s The Voice is entering their third week of Season 19’s Blind Auditions. Coach Blake Shelton, the only coach that has been in a part of all 19 season is yet again building a team of extremely talented artists. Jim Ranger is one of the talent artists that has joined Shelton’s team.

Ranger grew up in a musical family. Both of his parents are singers, and his father is a songwriter and plays piano. During Ranger’s early years the family would travel the country in a motor home where his parent would perform at churches, festivals and other shows. Ranger’s musical upbringing helped lead the talented singer to The Voice. In addition to his musical upbringing Ranger’s love and respect for the show made auditioning for the show a no brainer.

“Well I love the show first off, like I really do. Me and my family watch every season and I love the concept of the blind auditions,” said Ranger.

“I mean that’s purest form of just hearing a voice that moves you and it not being about any other attribute or whatever it may be. It is just about the sound that moves you when you hear it. I love that element of it. I was at that stage in life where I felt like it was something I wanted to do. I love what I do and I love the life that we live here in Bakersfield. But there’s always that thing in the back of your head, that little dream of doing something on a grander scale. So when this opportunity came up it felt right in every way, the timing of it, where my family is at in life,” continued Ranger.

For his Blind Audition Ranger sang “Blue Ain’t Your Color” by Country Music superstar Keith Urban. Ranger impressed with his rendition of the song and three coaches turned their chairs. In addition to Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend turned. Both Legend and Stefani fought hard for Ranger but in the end, Ranger felt that Shelton was the perfect fit.

“[Why Blake Shelton]? Because he is awesome, I’m a huge fan. I love his music, I love his personality, and I just love who he is on the show. I love the fact that he’s won with different kinds of artists and he’s always such a cheerleader and promoter of everybody who’s on his team,” said Ranger.

“He’s just a really fun dude. He is the dude that everyone wants to have a beer and hangout with. He has got that ability to connect with people and I really love that. I mean it was tough are you kidding me? I had to turn down John Legend and Gwen Stefani to be on [Blake’s] team. It was kind of surreal. In the end I really felt like the whole time his team was the one I wanted to be on…” continued Ranger.

Ranger is looking forward to every single experience that comes with being an artist on The Voice.

“I don’t know if I have a specific thing [that I would like to accomplish on The Voice. I want to have as much fun as possible and I really want to experience every ounce of this opportunity. Whatever happens, happens. I am open to wherever this road is leading. In the end I want to be in it 100 percent and experience every ounce of not only the performance part but the growth part of it. You know working with this amazing band, the team on the voice, the vocal coach, and obviously having these moments to glean any information or experience from Blake Shelton…” said Ranger.

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