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Jim Ranger Advances to the Next Round of The Voice

Jim Ranger has survived to sing another week on NBC’s The Voice. Coach Blake Shelton chose Ranger as his coaches pick to move on to next week.

Ranger advanced to the Lives after defeating Jus Jon during the Knockout rounds. Ranger impressed with his performance of Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind”. Ranger chose to sing the song because of the message and the melody.

“[I chose to sing ‘Humble and Kind’ because of] both the message and Melody. I love the song. I love the way it feels when you listen to it, and I love singing it. It’s one of those melodies that is just very soothing. The message is unbelievably simple but powerful. Which is you’re not entitled to anything, work your tail off, strive for huge dreams, but all the while stay humble stay kind. Stay grounded, stay thankful/ So that was important to me in that moment to share that,” said Ranger.

For his first live performance Ranger sang Lee Brice's "Rumor". The talented singer impressed with his smooth country sound. For the first round of live performances there were 17 artists who performed between the four teams. The field of 17 was reduce to 9. On Team Blake Ian Flanigan was saved by America’s vote, while Ranger was saved by Shelton. Going forward Ranger is looking forward to delivering an honest performance every time out.

“[I am looking forward to the] music. I know that’s simple, but that’s why we’re here you know to make cool music. To play with arguably the best band on the planet. All of those guys are just monsters. They’re so good. So yeah I love all that stuff, all the lights, and all of the things that are going on. But in the end it’s still about making really good music and I’m really excited about doing this,” said Ranger.

“As simple as it sounds, I got to continue to be comfortable in my own skin and not get too caught up in my head overthinking things. I just got to put in the work, put in the practice and deliver an honest performance every time. I think that will do me really well in this competition,” added Ranger.

During his time on the show Ranger has enjoyed working with Shelton. COVID-19 has changed the way the artists get to interact with their coaches, but for Ranger he still has been able to learn so much from Shelton.

“It’s been amazing working with Blake. Working with Blake is everything you hoped it’d be and more. I mean I wish we could do it more, because of COVID he has to be on an iPad sometimes and so we can’t actually work next to each other like previous seasons. But even still just the limited times we do get together is so encouraging. He truly just wants the best for us. Yeah we have a show to make and of course he wants to win and all that, but I mean in end I truly feel like he cares about the people he has invested in. I really think he takes coaching seriously and it’s a real treat to be able to experience that,” said Ranger.

Ranger is fast becoming a favorite in the competition. It is because of his talent, hard work and dedication that Shelton chose him to advance to the next round. Ranger will compete next week for Americas vote on Monday.

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