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Ian Flanigan is Quickly Becoming a Favorite on The Voice

Ian Flanigan will compete for America’s vote in the first round of NBC’s The Voice Live rounds. Flanigan advanced to the Lives after winning his Knockout Round against James Pyle.

Flanigan advanced to the Knockout Rounds after beating Aaron Scott during the Battle Rounds. The talented pair was given Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" by coach Blake Shelton. When Shelton named Flanigan the winner it came as a surprise to the talented singer.

“You know, it is an amazing feeling I definitely didn’t think there was any clear winner, so I was pretty excited to hear that,” said Flanigan.

During the Knockout Rounds Flanigan sang “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs. Flanigan impressed all four coaches. In the end Flanigan was able to edge out Pyle because of the uniqueness of his voice. From the gravel to his range Shelton is grateful he pushed his button for the talented singer.

“Ian, there’s nobody else like you. I’m like there’s got to be somebody that he sounds like and there’s not. Do you drink boiling water? Do you wait until your gravy is boiling before you poor it on your biscuits and then you eat it? It’s unbelievable, I don’t know how you get that. A ton of respect for you man,” added Shelton after the performance.

“That was beautiful… Ian the music comes through you in such a pure way almost in a way. Like if you didn’t have the music something would be wrong in your life and I love that about your voice…” added Gwen Stefani.

“So good, guys that was really great. Both of you were fantastic. Ian we’re like marveling at the gravel in your voice. A lot of times singers that can do that don’t have the range that you have and I thought you sounded really great up top…” added John Legend.

“Ian, there’s like an urgency in your voice and there’s something sincere about that. And I like your whole mysterious thing. I don’t know you’re a little laidback, I like it, I dig it, it’s working, and I always end up floating towards you,” added Kelly Clarkson.

From the very beginning Shelton has been impressed with Flanigan’s voice. According to Shelton he has never heard a voice like Flanigan’s. Flanigan is grateful for such great feedback.

“You know I’m surprised to hear that, but grateful that he sees my originality in it,” said Flanigan.

Flanigan is fast becoming a favorite to make it to the finale. If you would like to see Flanigan advance to the next round remember to vote.

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