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Ian Flanigan is Grateful to be on The Voice

It didn’t take long for Blake Shelton to get his first Country artist on the premier of NBC’s The Voice on October 19th. Ian Flanigan enticed Shelton to turn his chair with his rendition of The Zach Brown Band’s “Colder Weather”.


musical journey began at the age of 10. Flanigan began writing songs with his mom. From there the talented artist began working with his guitar teacher who helped Flanigan propel his career.

“I’ve been writing music since I was 10 years old. I just got my start with a lot of the musicians around my hometown. I had a really personal and great relationship with my guitar teacher… he kind of got me my start,” said Flanigan.

“My mom and I used to make up corny songs as a kid and it kind of turned into me doing it on my own,” continued Flanigan.

During Flanigan’s performance of “Colder Weather” the only chair that turned was Shelton’s. While Shelton was the only Coach that turned, coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Gwen Stefani all marveled at Flanigan’s tone and the richness of his voice.

“You have so much richness in that baritone of yours It sounds like you’ve lived a thousand lives,” said Legend.

“I mean your voice sounds like it’s already on a record. Like it’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to see what’s next with you, congratulations,” added Stefani.

“Your voice sounds like you travel around the world for a living. Like literally it sounds like a passport that’s been used forever. The only thing that held me back was range wise I didn’t know where it was going to go and by the end of it you kind of showed a little bit of it. And I noticed that Shelton was turned around and well you’re a Country singer and sometimes we get defeated. So, I think that you’re really talented and I am so happy you’re on the show,” added Clarkson.

“Ian I have been racking my brain trying to think who does he sound like and the closest thing I can think of is Joe Cocker. But the fact that I cant figure it out is saying a lot about your artistry. I don’t know if there was an accident that made you have that voice like you accidently swallowed fire as a child or …DNA from a lion. Now you’re on Team Blake we’re going to have a blast dude,” added Shelton.

The Pandemic has been tough on fulltime musicians. When it comes to Flanigan the Pandemic pushed him to The Voice stage.

“Yes [The Pandemic played a role in my decision]. The Voice wasn’t on my radar at all. When we were in Nashville the Pandemic had just begun and so I probably wouldn’t have been there at the moment if we would have kept going, So in a sense it definitely brought me to it,” said Flanigan.

“This experience kind of happened by happenstance for me I’ve always considered myself more of a songwriter than a vocalist. I wasn’t seeking it at the but I am really grateful that it happened,” continued Flanigan.

Flanigan will now move on to the Battle Rounds where he will compete against a fellow teammate for chance to advance to the Knockout rounds.

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