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Ben Allen is Determined to Win The Voice

n Allen did not take no for an answer. Three years after originally auditioning for The Voice the 42 year-old sang “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks & Dunn and was able to turn three chairs. The talented singer would go on to choose Blake Shelton to be his coach.

Allen who began singing at an open mic night at a “stinky bowling alley bar” decided to try out for The Voice on a whim. Allen decided to give The Voice another try after coming across the contact information for the show on his phone. When Allen called, he had no idea what would happen next.

“You know I had auditioned maybe three years ago, and it was kind of in my mind again to do it,” said Allen.

“Honestly, I ran across the contact in my phone and I was like yeah I should try that again and I hit the send button. 30 seconds before that I did not know I was going to call them and thought they wouldn’t answer the phone. I would just leave a message and they won’t call me back and that would be the end of that. Well they answered the phone and they remembered me. They remembered me from three years previously because they said oh you almost made it last time you should try out again. Four days later I was on an airplane to go meet with them…” continued Allen.

With his rendition of “Red Dirt Road” Allen impressed with his traditional country sound. The talented artist turned the chairs of Shelton, John Legend and Gwen Stefani. Shelton, Legend and Stefani each fought hard for the right to be Allen’s coach. While Allen admits it felt great to have artists of Legend’s and Stefani’s caliber fighting for him, Shelton was always his top choice.

“Oh, you know how do you not with Blake. Having the status that he has with winning the show that many times you know. All the coached are great of course, but Blake and I are the same age, and our wives are the same age, and our wives look similar truthfully, and there are commonalities there. Blake and Gwen have both lost siblings, and my wife and I have both lost siblings. I just felt even though I didn’t know the man, I felt a kinship and in a certain way and I think that’s one of his best charms about him. I think people naturally relate to him…” said Allen.

“It was amazing, the idea of artists of that caliber. I watched both of their careers and I’m such a fan of all the things they’ve done. And then to be in the room with them and have them all of a sudden putting up an argument for me to work with them, it was I’m sure you’ve heard the word surreal used a million times but that’s about how it was. You really have to focus you brain in that moment because you just can’t believe that it’s happening,” added Allen.

Allen is determined to make it far in the competition. The talented is going to give every performance all he has ro ensure he can accomplish his goal.

“I want to win. Quite simply I want to be the winner of it. I’m super competitive when it comes to a competition no doubt about that, but at the same time I already feel like I have accomplished so much just getting those chairs to turn around. It’s been more than I had the right to ask for that’s for sure. I am humbled about my abilities. So I don’t know if I have the ability to win, but I would certainly say I’m going after it with all I got,” said Allen.

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