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Avery Roberson advances to The Battle Rounds on NBC The Voice

The 20th season of may have the most talented group of artists the show has ever seen and Aver Roberson is one of them. The talented singer got a coveted Four Chair Turn during his Blind Audition.

The 20-year-old singer from North Carolina got his start in music by watching his dad play. Roberson’s father sang gospel in churches and at one time was in a trio with his cousins. At the age of 13 Roberson’s dad began showing him videos of Nashville and from there he was hooked. While his dad began his musical journey, Roberson has his mom to thank for starting his Voice journey.

It’s kind of funny how I auditioned this year,” said Roberson.

“I’ve auditioned in the past for The Voice and American Idol and I didn’t get past the first pre auditions. Then I was thinking I wanted to do my own thing with YouTube and original music to see where that would go. My mom came up to me not too long ago and was like you have a pre audition on the computer in three days for The Voice…” continued Roberson.

During his Blind Audition Roberson sand “If You’re Reading This” by Tim McGraw. All four coaches turned their chairs and fought hard for the right to have Roberson on their team. While each of The Voice Coaches are musical legends in their own right it was the country music connection that convinced Roberson to join coach Blake Shelton’s team.

“I really didn’t know how to feel. When I saw the first chair turn, I was like man because I tell everyone that I wasn’t doubting myself, but I was expecting one or none. I would have been cool with either of them. Just to be there was awesome. So, when I seen the first one turn I was like, let’s not mess up, just keep going, don’t lose your composure. And then when all four of them turned around I didn’t know what to think. I couldn’t believe it. It was awesome. It’s definitely a memory I will hold on to forever,” said Roberson.

“In a way I felt bad for picking because they all were complimenting me so well. Everybody was so nice. But ever since I was little watching the show I always said if I ever get on the show, I’m going to pick Blake. You know because he’s country and I’ve always loved his music and so I went with Blake,” continued Roberson.

By competing on The Voice Roberson hopes new doors in music will open and allow him to have a successful career in music.

“I’m hoping [The Voice] opens more doors for me musically and [helps me] grow as an artist. [I want to] soak up as much of this experience as I can because it’s different than anything else, I’ve ever done before…” said Roberson.

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