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Blue Honey Feels Blessed to Have a Virtual Stage

The husband/wife duo Kassie and Troy Brooks (Blue Honey) have felt the effects of the COVID-19 shutdown. Seemingly overnight they went from regularly playing multiple shows a week to all of their shows in the near future being canceled. The Duo has taken the shutdown in stride and now plays two t0 three Facebook Lives a week.

As news of COVID-19 spread it became apparent that there would be some sort shutdown eminent for the entire country. When Nashville shutdown it did not come as a shock to Blue Honey. According to the duo they knew it was going to happen because it was the only thing that could be done.

“I wasn’t surprised. I remember I had mentioned something before everything got shut down, I said I guarantee everything is going to shutdown just because it’s all you can do. So when it actually happened even though I had thought that it was, it was kind of like damn,” said Troy.

“It was a little bit of panic. kind of like oh gosh what are we going to do but at the same time we understood it because it’s what you have to do. We’re all in this together, so you just got to do what you got to do,” added Kassie.

Blue Honey are now Facebook Live pros. The duo plays on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm CST and even throws in a Monday here and there. Kassie and Troy have had theme nights like Tiger King, Originals and 90’s Night. The Facebook Lives that last around two hours regularly draw a crowd of 40 plus people. Before the shutdowns Facebook lives was not something Blue Honey did.

“No, we have friends that were doing that kind of stuff anyway. But we’ve never been those type of people I guess but I’m glad we’re learning more about how to be comfortable doing Facebook Lives. It is kind of awkward for us because Troy and I really enjoy interacting with people and seeing their faces when we play. So that part’s been difficult, but I do like reading the comments and being able to interact in some way with people. You know we’re definitely blessed to have some form of stage right now,” said Kassie.

“My favorite part is just being able to play in some way. That’s really our only way to play for people right now so I’m just glad it exists,” continued Kassie.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Music Business right now is, Will things return to normal? Will concerts ever look the same? For Blue Honey that question remains an unknown.

“I don’t know, I’ve gone back and forth on this with the idea of that. I mean it’s like is it going to be tables spaced out? You know right now in phase one they’re saying no more than 10 people in a gathering so right now nowhere in Nashville are the bars opening up. But after this yeah, I have no idea,” said Troy.

“Yeah it’s going to be weird because I think about some of the shows, even some of the bigger shows we’ve done where you’re playing for a huge crowd that’s shoulder to shoulder, especially the people that come up to the stage you know how crowded that can get. It’s like will we see that anymore? Because people aren’t going to want to be touched. I feel like the crowds are going to look so different. It’s just going to be odd. I also think that from here out we’re going to see people continue do these Facebook Lives because they learned to get comfortable with them and learned you can ask for tips and stuff on Facebook just as well as you can playing in a bar,” added Kassie.

One of the most surprising things for the duo about the shutdown is the lack of human interaction.

“Being away from human interaction for this long not know how that was going to feel I that’s what surprised me,” said Troy.

“Yeah Troy and I are pretty social people so that’s been kind of hard. Yeah it’s been kind of weird and for me. I hate talking on the phone with people and now I find myself wanting to Facetime and talk to people more. I’m not bored, our twins do not let us get bored but sometimes I need to talk to a female adult. I don’t know it’s just been interesting,” added Kassie.

Blue Honey is looking forward to making new music and being able to play live shows. To keep up with Blue Honey visit their website,

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