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Spend your Quaran-Time Listening To The Lost Trailers

The Lost Trailers have released new music. The country music band has released their second album since returning to the country Music scene two years ago. The new record is called Silent City.

With the United States and the World mostly on lock-down trying to battle the deadly pandemic it seemed like the perfect time for The Lost Trailers to release new music. Silent City features 12 songs. The songs include, the album’s title track “Silent City,” “5th of July”, and “After All These Beers.”

“It seemed like the right time. We hadn’t put an album out since Between Stages almost two years ago. We had this material and it just seemed right. A lot of this stuff on the new album is really relevant to what’s going on right now in our country and in the world. It just seemed like these songs would strike a chord with a lot of people…” said the lead singer of The Lost Trailers Jeff Dane.

So far Silent City has been extremely successful on streaming sites like Spotify. In the month of April the band had a total of 53.1 thousand listeners tune in to their music One of the most popular songs on the album has been “After All These Beers.” The song is not only popular with fans it is Dane’s favorite song on the record.

“I mean I like so many of them. ‘Silent City’ ranks up there for sure, but probably ‘After All These Beers’ is my favorite. There’s just something about the lyrics, the melody and everything just sort of spoke to me. You can hear it in my voice on the record. I’m singing with a lot of real emotion in that song and what you hear is true emotion…” said Dane.

The title track on the record is one of the most relevant songs on the album. According to Dane the song started with a song hook and an idea.

“It started with a song hook and an idea. When Dave Tough and I would get into the writer’s room I always came back to that title that hook Silent City. I’ve always wanted to do something with it. Dave kept saying what does Silent City mean? What does that mean to you? I didn’t know for the longest time and eventually it kind of hit me one day,” said Dane.

‘What if you were in one of the loudest cities in the world like New York City that is always hustling and bustling, and you were with the person you love… If you were to break up all those things would hunt you. Those sounds and noises that you use to love would become haunting to the point you want to close them out and not hear them anymore. So that’s kind of the idea we ran with and that’s the product you hear now with ‘Silent City,’ continued Dane.

The album is available on all major music download sites. The Lost Trailers also released a music video for “Silent City” which can be seen below.

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