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Turn Around Josh Gallagher Has New Music Out

Josh Gallagher continues to prove he belongs at the top of the Country Music charts. The talented singer recently saw his music video for his song “Boots Like Mine” go number one on CMT’s 12 Pack Countdown for 8 weeks. Gallagher has also released a new record called Turn Around Town.

“Boots Like Mine” was Gallagher’s second submission to CMT. His first “How Bout You” went number one for five weeks. While “Boots like mine did not get off to a good start, it not only became Gallagher’s most successful music video to date but it became one of the most successful videos to ever grace the 12 Pack Countdown.

“Oh ‘Boots Like Mine’ I was a little bit nervous about that one. When it actually debuted, we didn’t know it debuted or that it was going debut until two days before. It was number one for 8 weeks, it was on there for 9 or 10 weeks. CMT didn’t let us know that it was going to come out on Friday (it debuted) They didn’t let us know that it was going to debut until the Wednesday before. We had no chance to push it to get people to vote. So obviously it didn’t get near number one, it didn’t even get on the top 12 countdown,” said Gallagher.

“So after that I was a little bit nervous. I was like this might not go as well as I planned it. But then… it just stayed at number one forever. It was awesome. We beat the ‘How ‘Bout You’ record and I’m pretty sure we beat some sort of CMT record. It’s not an official record but they basically called us and said hey you’re doing too good we got to give someone else a shot at number one so we’re taking you off of the countdown. That was bad ass, it was pretty cool. All the fans and shit came together and got it done for us once again just like they always do,” continued Gallagher.

Gallagher released his new EP Turn Around Town in March. The record was originally slated for a November/December debut but the success of “Boots Like Mine” and “How Bout You” pushed back the release. Turn Around Town consists of 5 tunes featuring songs like “Long Week Long Neck”, “That Tall”, and “Catch A Buzz”. The talented artist is extremely proud of how the EP turned out.

“…I’m super proud of this record I had originally had plans to have ‘Boots Like Mine’ on this record and then at the very last minute. Right before we put this record out I was like nah lets leave ‘Boots Like Mine’ its own thing, its own stat, its own entity. So then I needed to get another song to fill the spot with which is ‘What Never Could’ is. It worked out both ways because I got a fifth song on there and I got a song on there for Lindsey which is what I try to do for each project anyway. So it kind of worked out that way. I am super excited about this record to see where it goes and how it does it just kind of sucks that we released it and then all this Corona stuff started happening… but we’re doing the best we can promoting it and keeping it in front of people’s faces. We’re doing what we can with what we got to work with,” said Gallagher.

There a couple of reasons why Gallagher decided to release “Long Wee Long Neck” as the first single off the EP. The first reason is the song really pulls in anyone who is listening and the second reason is the song just flowed perfectly from the previous project.

“Well it’s hard to explain because its such a great song, but it’s so completely different then anything else on the record. Each individual song has a different sound, it has a different something to it, but the whole project really goes together. It fits, it’s form fitted to be that way. It really just runs perfectly together even though each song sounds a little bit different. The reason I wanted to make ‘Long Week Long Neck’ first is it goes back to when I was going to release a full record. So the way that worked out was I was going to release a full record so me and my producer sat down after we recorded everything in post-production and lined up all the songs 1-11 or 12 whatever it is for a full record. Then later I was like ok I am going to split these records up. It just kind of worked where when I split it up into two EPs instead of one record that ‘Long Week Long Neck’ was the first song on the second record. So technically on the full record it would be song number 7. So if you go back and listen to the Josh Gallagher EP and the Turn Around Town EP back to back you’ll see and you’ll hear that the whole thing just flows right together. Like it’s almost a full record, so it’s kind of weird how that worked out….” said Gallagher.

“Long Week Long Neck sets the tone for the record. I wanted something up front to really catch people’s attention. That really weird chunky guitar lick at the front catches peoples attention and gets them hooked right away. It’s got that old school country feel to it which I think is what a lot f people want to hear and it is right up my ally. So I didn’t have to change anything style wise that I wouldn’t have done normally. You know what it is, it’s a good I just got off work on a Friday and I need to start partying song. That whole record is a party and a weekend and Friday Long Week Long Neck starts the party,” continued Gallagher.

Of the songs on the record Gallagher finds himself going in-between “That Tall” and “Catch a Buzz” when trying to decide what his favorite song on the record is. “Catch a Buzz” lyrics, message and melody wins out for Gallagher.

“I keep battling back and forth on this between ‘That Tall’ and ‘Catch a Buzz’ but I think ‘Catch a Buzz’ is probably my favorite though. I love what the song says and what the song means, and you get to that Steel solo and it just oh my god rips my heart out. It’s just so beautiful and melodic and so yeah ‘Catch a Buzz is probably my favorite,” said Gallagher.

Gallagher and his band cannot wait to be back on the road. When it is safe to do so they might be in a town near you. Check out to find out all you need to know about Gallagher.

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