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Todd Tilghman Has Cleared The Final Hurtle Before The Lives

The Voice’s first four chair turn of the season has not disappointed. Team Blake’s Todd Tilghman has advanced to the Lives. The talented artist is fast becoming a favorite to go far in the competition.

Tilghman faced off against Jon Mullins in the Battle Rounds. The pair sang Shenadoah’s “Ghost in This House. Both artists gave a great performance. Coach Blake Shelton chose Tilghman and Mullins was stolen my coach Nick Jonas. Tilghman enjoyed the Battle Round Experience.

“The Battles were just unique experience. It’s just a unique circumstance to be in. It’s not that I didn’t know Jon, we met one another but we don’t really know each other. So you’re kind of thrown with someone you don’t know and they give you a song, but I got to say I think we became pretty good friends. When it came down to the battle it was a weird thing because you do want to win your battle but you also don’t want your friend to lose. So it was a weird sort of thing but it was fun too…” said Tilghman.

During the Knockout round Tilghman faced off against fellow country music artist Cam Spinks. Tilghman sang “Anymore” by Travis Tritt. The talented artist chose the song with the help of his wife. After the Battle Rounds Tilghman and his wife of 21 years were on a drive and “Anymore” started playing. His wife told him he must sing this the song when he got to choose his song. It turns out it was the right decision.

“No kidding the knockouts was the most nervous I’ve been in all of this. There’s a lot that goes into that. Once I found out I was going to be on The Voice, and I really did get a blind audition, and I really did make a team. Then my goal in all of this became making the Live rounds… The Knockouts are the last little hurtle before you make the live rounds and so that made it really nerve racking. Then on top of that when we found out the pairing…” said Tilghman.

“Cam and me are friends, we’ve been knowing each other through a good deal of this process. So that puts you in a cringe moment. You want to win your battle, but me and Cam have gotten close through this process and we actually stay in touch now. Then on top of that Cam is a phenomenal musician and a phenomenal singer. And on top of that he was the only pure country dude on the team and we’re on team Blake Shelton of all people. So I was so nervous. When I finished singing ‘Anymore’ no kidding I felt sick I felt sick to my stomach I was so nervous,” continued Tilghman.

During the Knockout round The Voice chose James Taylor to be their Mega Mentor. Taylor met with each artist. For Tilghman working with Taylor was a unique experience.

“Holly crap that was super cool…he was so great. I can’t even explain he was so complimentary to us and so soft spoken and kind and humble. I couldn’t have asked for a better mega mentor I really couldn’t,” said Tilghman.

“Oh man yes two things, number one he said he couldn’t believe there were people like me out there. We have all this great talent, and no one knows about it. You know I’m at a crossroads in my life where I’m making some decisions. The Voice, I don’t know if it was part of the plan, but it turned out to be a huge part of the plan now. Another thing he said is when he started pursing music there was no plan he had to work and that really did stick with me,” continued Tilghman.

Next Up for Tilghman will be to perform for America’s vote on May 4th. Be sure to tune in to NBC’s The Voice to see what Tilghman will sing next.

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