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Cam Spinks Advances to The Knockout Round

Season 18 contestants on NBC The Voice need to watch out for Team Blake’s Cam Spinks. The Country singer has sung his way to The Knockout rounds on the Voice.

The Alabama native sang Pat Green’s “Wave on Wave” and got both Kelly and Blake to turn their chairs. Spinks impressed with his version of the song with Shelton admitting he loves multiple aspects of the talented singer’s voice.

“Cam, I hear a lot of elements in your voice that I love. You’re in a different in a different area maybe more of what Luke Combs does there’s just different lanes of Country Music and I think you need a coach that can identify what those lanes are. I’ve worked with a lot of Country Artists and I’ve bought a pile of them to The Voice. I’d be proud to be your coach through this thing,” said Shelton.

For his battle round Spinks battled teammate Kailey Abel. Shelton gave the pair Kane Brown and Laura Alaina’s “What ifs.” Spinks looked every part of Team Blake’s season 18 Country Star and impressed all four coaches with his performance of a song that was not in his comfort zone.

“I love hearing all the talk about the song choice and I agree with you Kelly we’re agreeing on the fact that what I did was weird…So the song was completely not what you do and both of you stepped up to the plate and it was a great performance you put the work in and I’m happy got you about that you know…The winner of this Battle, is Cam…” said Shelton.

“Cam really had to dig down deep and find a way to be comfortable in that song. I’d like to get him back in a more of an edgy but more traditional type of country music moving forward,” continued Shelton.

Spinks is hoping to learn a lot from Shelton. Shelton has been a port of the Country Music scene for almost 20 years and has experienced all there is to experience in the music industry.

““Things I can learn from Blake? You know he’s been doing this for so long. Not just the show but, country music in general. And you know me being a guy who’s really just played in bars and some nicer venues here and there, but never really dove into the music scene. I think he’s got a lot to offer on the performance side of it. Advice and stuff like that. Things to pay attention to when you’re performing. Also, songwriting he’s got some great songs in his pocket over the years. So it’s really cool to just be able to hang out with him first of all but then for him to dump a little bit of knowledge on me it’s really nice,” said Spinks.

While on The Voice Spinks hopes to increase his following in order to further his career when he is no longer on the show.

“My goal on The Voice is to is to increase my following. It’s quite the platform to be able to get up there and play and sing for millions of people. So, for somebody like me and the level of artist I am I think it’s important to get in front of people and this is a hell of an opportunity to do that.”

To find out if Spinks can continue on Season 8 of The Voice tune in to NBC The Voice on Mondays.

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