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Cory Jackson Releases New Music

Season after season hundreds of talented artists audition for NBC’s The Voice with the hopes that they are crowned The Voice. There is only one one winner which means so many talented artists fail to reach that goal. Cory Jackson did not win The Voice but he was able to show America he belongs in country music.

The talented artist competed on this past season of the Voice. Jackson joined Team Blake and advanced to The Battle rounds where he would lose to fellow country artist Zach Bridges. While Jackson did not win the show he enjoyed every second of the journey.

“The voice has really meant a lot to to me.It came at the perfect time in my life. It definitely has come at a busy time in my life when I was getting married, but I feel like it has definitely advanced my music career,” said Jackson.

“I learned so much just from the journey. From vocal coaches, from Blake [Shelton], just new techniques to help me on stage. To help me in front of the camera, to help me in interviews and all that kind of stuff. Everything I learned from there I can take with me moving forward. It was also a really nice experience at the same time because everyone was so nice....” continued Jackson.

Jackson is not wasting any time and has released new music just a few months after being eliminated from The Voice. The talented artist released his new song “Forget Me Now” last month. Jackson felt it was the perfect time to release the emotional song. According to Jackson it was the perfect season (winter) and the perfect timing for his newest single.

“We just released it a few weeks ago and it’s called “Forget Me Now.” It is my newest single out right now. The big picture of the song is it’s about a person that goes to chase their dream and they end up having to give up the love of their life for this dream. So the way we narrowed it down is to a guy, a country singer or a singer in general. He’s chasing his dream of music and wanting to be a big star and ends up losing the girl of his dreams while he is chasing this. And he’s looking back on her and how much he loved her hoping that she’ll forgive him as he slowly makes his climb and becomes successful,” said Jackson.

Currently Jackson is doing a ton of songwriting. His recent songwriting has a lot to do with the advice of country music superstar Darius Rucker. Rucker was Team Blake’s mentor during the Battle Rounds this past season on The Voice.

“I’ve been doing a whole lot of songwriting. That to me is one of the most important things. They didn’t show this on the show but I got to talk to Darius a little bit right after we had met. When I asked him what kind of advice he would give someone like me, someone that was once in his shoes trying to make it. He said one of the biggest things he would tell me is to write and to do it all the time because a lot of people can sing but songwriting is a very very powerful...” said Jackson.

Jackson has a bright future in Country Music. The talented artist will be a household name for years to come. You can download and steam “Forget Me Now” from your favorite musical download site.

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