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You 'Name It' Barrett Baber Can Do It

Singer/Songwriter Barrett Baber has released another hit single. The Voice alum has been hard at work not only writing from himself but for other artists as well. Baber’s latest single “Name It takes the talented artist’s unique sound to a new level.

From the very beginning songwriting has meant a lot to Baber. Recently Baber signed with Sony ATV as a songwriter. With that, one of Baber’s musical dreams came true, the talented artist now has an opportunity to support his family doing what he loves.

“[Songwriting means] EVERYTHING! I'm so in love with it. The grind of it. The craft of it. The way my head feels like I just took the ACT after I'm done doing it. The way it binds you to your co-writers forever. The way it can take two strangers and make em friends in a matter of minutes. I love everything about it. I'm addicted to it,” said Baber.

“I can't turn it off and I don't want to. I'm always writing. Even when I don't want to be. Songwriting has given me the opportunity to provide for my family through making music. That is and has always been the dream. Without songwriting my life would be completely different than it is now. I don't know that I'd even be married to my wife right now if I hadn't started writing songs so many years ago in that college dorm room. It's impossible to overstate how much it means to me,” continued Baber.

Baber released “Name It” earlier this month. Baber decided to release the song because he felt the timing was right. Baber wrote the song with Curt Chambers. Baber first got the idea for the song after hearing Jenna Bush say on The Today Show “it’s not a thing until you name it.” That idea with Baber’s unique country sound and Chambers’ blues, hip hop and rock influences created a song unlike anything Baber has released before.

“I feel like when I first moved to Nashville I was overly concerned with what other people thought of my songs and if what I was releasing was "on brand" for me as an Artist. When we wrote the song I knew it was going to be different. When my producer Kenny Lamb, mix engineer Chris Rowe and I started working on it I really pushed to make it as funky and different as we could. I felt like it was one of those songs that we either had to go all the way with or not even try. We experimented with lots of different sounds from horns to pedal steel to banjo. I wanted it to feel like a song that Blake Shelton and Adam Levine's baby would make,” said Baber

“Once it was finished and even in the weeks leading up to the release I wondered if I would catch any flack from some of the "that ain't country" crowd. Then I realized, I don't care. I'm an independent artist in love with making music. If I think it's cool. Then why not release it? I don't care if it's nothing but yoddling over a cat gut toy guitar. If I think it's cool, and I'm paying for it, then I'll release it. I think it's easy for Artists to get stuck in the "well that's not my brand' mud. My brand is "songs I think are cool and am proud of." I think "Name It" is cool BECAUSE it's sounds different. It's a really cool combination of a lot of different genres, all of which played a roll in shaping my musical ear. I'm proud of how the song sounds. That's enough reason for me to release it in my opinion, regardless of what genre it does or doesn't fit into,” continued Baber.

2019 has been kind Baber. He signed a publishing deal, he has been able to release new music and write a ton. One of the highlights for Baber in 2019 was having a cut on a number one record. Cody Johnson cut Baber’s song “Nothin’ On You” The song was released on Johnson’s Album Aint’ Nthin’ to It.

“Not gonna's real cool. I've always tried to pause when I can to take stock in some of the things that I've been able to accomplish. I recognize the fact that even though in the grand scheme of the music industry and certainly in the Nashville music world, that having one cut on my resume pales in comparison to what so many of the other writers in town have done. But I also recognize that at the same time there are tens upon thousands of talented people who haven't gotten their break as a songwriter yet and would kill to be in the position I'm in. So I try my best to honor my achievements by being grateful for the opportunities that allowed them, and by hopefully being an inspiration to folks out there who are just like me,” said Baber.

Baber is not only working on new music but he is also busy performing all over the country and is looking to book shows in more cities.

“Anybody that's ever seen me play live either with my band, or just acoustic, can probably testify to how obvious it is that I LOVE to play shows. I certainly don't have any plans of stopping performing whenever and wherever I can. As I continue to get settled into writing at Sony, I'm hoping to be able to make a push for live shows in some areas where I don't frequent or have never been. Some of those shows will be solo, or duo acoustic shows. Some of them will be with my band. Hopefully any Barrett Baber fans up there in NYC will be able to get out and see me play somewhere on their home turf in 2020. I sure would love to make it happen this year,” said Baber.

“Name It” is available for streaming and download. 2020 is going to be a huge year for Baber. Look for new music and a lot of shows. To fid out where Baber will be next visit

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