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Ricky Braddy Wants to Deliver Hope Through His Music

Braddy has been around music for most of his life. The talented artist began his musical journey singing with his family in church. Braddy admits his journey to The Voice stage has been a long one, but he is glad he has found a home on the show.

“[What brought me to The Voice?] It’s been a long journey. They reached out to me and after coming out and breaking from the church musically It felt right. I am really excited [I decided to audition for The Voice.]” said Braddy.

Braddy faced of against teammate Zach Bridges during the Knockout Rounds. Braddy might have had the gutsiest song choice of the entire round choosing to sing John Legends song “So High.” The gamble/risk paid off for Braddy and coach Blake Shelton chose the talented artist as the winner of the knockout round advancing Braddy to the Live Playoffs. Braddy’s decision to sing Legend’s did not come with out reservations.

“I’m feeling terrified to sing a John Legend song in front of him. From what I’ve seen on the show before when people do his songs, he’s very picky, but the song shows just about every part of my voice...” said Braddy.

“It was nerve wracking,” added Braddy.

This season on The Voice Team Blake has gotten the opportunity to work with sine high profile artists in addition to Shelton. Darius Rucker and Taylor shift both had a hand in coaching Team Blake. Rucker served as Team Blake’s Advisor during the Battle Rounds and Swift served as the superstar mentor during the Knockout Rounds. Braddy values the time he was able to spend with those superstars.

“[Darius] really commented on how soulful and bluesy I am. He told me that was my niche,” said Braddy.

Like every artist that steps on to The Voice stage Braddy would love to make the finals and win the whole thing. While on the show Brady also hope to be able to hone his craft and when it is all set and done be able to make a career in music (soul/country). For those who are seeing/hearing Braddy for the first time he would like them to know he would love to give people hope through his music.

“Honestly I want people to know that [my music is honest and true]. I want to give people hope. I want spread love and respect [through my music].” said Braddy.

Braddy’s next test will be the Live Playoffs where it will be up to America in a live vote to see if Braddy will advance to the top 13.

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