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Cory Jackson Sings His Way on to Team Blake

Cory Jackson became the first Country Music artist to join Coach Blake Shelton’s team this season on The Voice. The talented artist hopes to soak up every moment and learn all he can while he is on the show.

Jackson owes his music career to one very important person in his life, his Grandfather. It was his grandfather that got the talented artist his first guitar, and it was his Grandfather who Jackson first began to play music with. For Jackson his Grandfather is his inspiration to want to pursue music.

“I actually got started [playing music] with my Grandpa. He wanted me to play with him around the house,” said Jackson.

“My Grandpa is definitely my musical inspiration,” continued Jackson.

Jackson sang Glenn Campbell’s “Galveston” for his Blind Audition. Jackson’s performance of the classic song impressed The Voice coaches and fans. In all the talented artist got three coached to push their button. Coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Kelly Clarkson fought it out for the chance to be Jackson’s Coach. While Jackson admits the choice of choosing his coach was tough it was his love for Country Music that won out in the end.

“[Choosing Blake Shelton] was a tough decision. But I went with Blake because I love Country Music. Country Music is in my heart and that is where I want my career to be period,” said Jackson.

Jackson is one of the hundreds that audition for The Voice each season and one of the talented few who get the opportunity to learn from one of the superstar coaches. This opportunity is not lost on the Talented Artist. Jackson hopes to be able to learn all he can while he is on the show.

“Honestly I hope to learn everything I can [while I am on The Voice]. I’ve leant something from everyone I have met on the show so far. I think being on the show will be a great thing. I’ve ready learned I need to be myself. The [fans] want to know who I am,” said Jackson.

Jackson came to The Voice at the instance of his family. Follow Jackson on Twitter and Instagram and like him on Facebook to follow along on his Journey on the show. The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights. To see who will be joking Jackson on the show tune into NBC as the Blind auditions come to a close.

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