Josh Gallagher’s New Song 'Boots Like Mine' Pays Tribute to His Fans

Josh Gallagher is proving to be one of the most successful artists to come out of The Voice. The voice alum is busy releasing new music and playing shows all around the country.

A few months ago Gallagher released a self-titled 6 song EP. The EP included songs like “How ‘Bout You”, “I Drink Beer”, and “Look At Me Now”. The original plan was to release another six song EP in the fall, but Gallagher decided to go a little off script and release a song off of the unreleased EP. “Boots Like Mine” was released earlier this month.

“So if you remember at the beginning of the year I set out to produce a full length album and ‘Boots Like Mine’ was going to be on there and also that album was going to be called Boots Like Mine. But I decided to split them and do six and six with two EPs. So the whole plan was to release two EPs and then just kind of feature ‘Boots Like Mine’ on the second EP as a single. Well I decided to step away from that plan and single it first before the record comes out because it is such a special song. I just want a lot of people to hear it and grab on to it especially because of what it says. You know the blue collar people are the ones that make up country music...” said Gallagher.

“Boots Like Mine” May be the most important song Gallagher has released to date. The song pays tribute to the hard working people that make up not only Gallagher’s fan base but what makes up the United States of America. “Boots Like Mine” is one of those songs that people will remember for years to come.

“Really the story behind ‘Boots Like Mine” is, it’s a song about the blue collar people out there Amy my hard working fans that make it possible for me to do what I do. I can’t go out on stage and play a song without the help of the fans. You know they’re the ones that spend money to buy the concert tickets. They buy the merch. So without them [I wouldn’t be able to do what I do]. In the song we give a nod to the Military because without them none of us would be able to do what we do. I mean this song is more of a thank you, a tribute kind of thing to all of the fans. The current fans that we have and the new fans that we gain...” said Gallagher.

“...As soon as we got done with it we knew we had something really special you know it’s like one of those songs that you write when you get done with it and our of the room you’re like oh shit this is something that needs to be held on to and worked properly so as soon we got done with it I was like yeah I’m going to cut that,” Gallagher continued.

On September 6th Gallagher released the music video for “Boots Like Mine”. In the three weeks that the video has been out it has racked up over 78 thousand views. Gallagher never expected the video to do that well. Fans are not the only ones enjoying the video, the folks at CMT are fans as well.

‘So it’s pretty cool. I didn’t know if this video was going to be a part of CMT. We pitched them the video and they really really liked it a lot. So what actually happens was they liked it so much but they couldn’t do anything with it at the time because they had a lot of releases lined up already. I guess once they watched it again they absolutely loved it. So it wasn’t even supposed to be on CMT yet anyway. So for it to be on there is awesome. Especially on the new program Next Up Now...” said Gallagher.

With “Boots Like Mine” Gallagher has a hit. To find out when Gallagher will be releasing new music visit

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