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Corey Kent is Ready To Put Country Music on Notice

Corey Kent has been a busy man as of late. The talented artist got married, became a father and has recently released two new singles.

Corey Kent gained a huge following after the talented artist first auditioned for NBC’s The Voice on season eight. Corey Kent advanced to the top eight as a member of Team Blake. With the help of Blake Shelton and The Voice Corey Kent saw his numbers on social media grow my leaps an bounds.

“You know my personal Facebook fan page is now counting 21 or 22 thousand people and that’s the smallest number in terms of social media. Twitter is up and over 55 thousand, Instagram is up and over 33 thousand. Its just unbelievable to look at the support and the followers I've gained from this. I mean when I started this thing I think I had 6,000 followers on twitter and we’re about to hit 56 thousand its just hard to wrap your head around how fast life can change when you step into the national spotlight like this,” said Corey Kent in an interview back in 2015 while he was on the show.

With the help of a new distribution deal Corey Kent has been writing a ton and has plans to get a lot of new music out to his fans. Recently Corey Kent signed with Combustion Publishing, With in the last couple of months, Corey Kent released two new singles, “Few Good Friends” and “End of The Trail”. The song “Few Good Friends” came from a real life experience.

“‘Few Good Friends’ is the first of many this year and the first of two this month. This is the first song we have released under the remake, going from Corey Kent White to Corey Kent. This is the first time I feel like my music and my image are cohesive,” said Corey Kent.

“‘Few Good Friends’ is entirely a 100% true story. It was a result of something that happened to me…It’s a real life experience. As a songwriter a lot of times you’re trying to dream a scenario that will make a number one song [so it’s really special when you can write a song from a real life experience],” continued Corey Kent.

Corey Kent’s new music is getting noticed. According to the Talented singer his songs were getting attention from some “big time” artists, but he decided to release them on his own. With Corey Kent’s deal with Combustion it gives him more ways to het his music out there. Combustion recently got their 74th and 75th number one hits with Luke Bryan’s “What Makes You Country” and Casting Crows’ “Only Jesus.” Corey Kent knew from the very first meeting that Combustion is where he needed to be.

“[When we were looking for a new deal] Combustion was number one. They were the first meeting we had that day, but I didn’t see the need for another. I signed with Combustion before my deal with Warner was up,” said Corey Kent.

Corey Kent has three more shows this Summer and then he will begin writing new music. To find out where the talented artist will be playing next visit

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