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Gyth Rigdon Was Born To Be A Country Music Star

Gyth Rigdon might not have been crowned The Voice on season 16 of NBC’s The Voice, but he is well on his way to becoming a force in Country Music. The talented singer came in second this season to John Legend’s artist, Maelynn Jarmon.

Rigdon was one of the last artists saved after the top eight performed in the Semi-Finals last week. After teammate Dexter Roberts and Jarmon were saved Rigdon was left wondering if he would have to sing for the Twitter Instant save. When host Carson Daly called Rigdon’s name it was a huge relief for the talented artist.

“I was actually nervous. It was the last spot. It was [a huge] relief when [Carson] called my name. I was happy and sad. Happy to be moving on, but sad to see my some of my teammates go home,” said Rigdon.

From the moment Rigdon stepped on to The Voice stage he has been a favorite to not only make it to the finale but win the whole entire thing. After his Blind Audition coach Blake Shelton not only compared his performance to legend Garth Brooks he told the talented singer he’d see him in the finale. During the Finale Rigdon was the only artist who wrote their original song. After Rigdon’s performance of his song “Proof I’ve Always Loved You” Shelton had this to say,

“I don’t think [the songwriting] added just another layer to you, it’s added another level to you. I feel like you raised the bar. Gyth wrote that song. Man, you’re the total package…”

All four coaches play an instrumental part in their artists journey on The Voice. For Rigdon he ended up on the perfect team. Shelton is not only one of Rigdon’s heroes, but he was his very first concert. Shelton has lived up to all of Rigdon’s expectations and more.

“Blake has been incredible. He is iconic. He is a legend…” said Rigdon.

When it comes to respect and admiration the feeling is mutual for these two Country artists. Shelton not only recognized Rigdon’s singing ability and his ability to connect with America but also his dedication to Country Music. During a package aired by The Voice Shelton said,

“Gyth feels like he was born to do this. He takes this opportunity very seriously.”

Rigdon and all the artists who make it to the live rounds owe a lot to the fans. The fan support has not been lost on Rigdon. For Rigdon he is not the only one who made it to the Finale when Daly said his name, but so did all of those who voted for him and streamed his songs each week.

“The fans are awesome. For me there’s no me, it’s we. From the beginning I asked the fans to keep voting for me and they did. I didn’t only make it to the Finale they did as well,” said Rigdon.

With his success on The Voice Rigdon is poised to have an extremely successful career in country music. The Voice was step towards making his dream a reality.

In an interview with Daly which aired before his cover of Earl Thomas Conley’s song ‘Once in a Blue Moon” Rigdon said, “It’s hard to make dreams happen from a small town, but it’s not impossible…”

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