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Gyth Rigdon Continues to Impress on The Voice

From the very beginning Gyth Rigdon has been a favorite on season 16 of The Voice. The talented artist has impressed with his combination of vocal abilities and his stage presence.

When Carson Daly announced Rigdon had advanced to the Top 13, Ridden did not even realize his name was called. The talented artist only realized his name was called after his teammates were looked at him.

“…When Carson said Team Blake I just went blank. I didn’t hear him say my name, I didn’t hear him say I was the most streamed artist, I didn’t hear any of that. My teammates turned around and looked at me and I was like well shoot I guess it’s me. So I didn’t know how to take it all in. I didn’t even hear him, I just kind of blanked,” said Rigdon.

Rigdon continues to impress with his modern country sound. For his top 13 performance Rigdon sang his coach Blake Shelton’s song “ Nobody But Me”. Shelton was impressed with Rigdon’s performance saying that’s the way that song is supposed to be sung. For Rigdon working with Shelton has been exciting.

“Working with Blake is always exciting. You never know what he’s going to say. You never know what he is going to talk about. What he is going to joke about. But what I like about Blake is he knows when it’s time to get to work. From when the first note is made on a song he becomes an artist and he knows when to put that hat on and off. It makes working with him so much more fun,” said Rigdon.

Rigdon has been a fan favorite since the beginning. The fans have not only been voting for him through the app or online, but are streaming his music on Apple Music as well. All of the support from the fans feels amazing to Rigdon.

“The fans are incredible. For the fans to relate and react the way that they have to my performances… Taking it back all the way to the Blind Auditions through the process of all the rounds the fan support has been amazing and it’s growing. It’s just an amazing amount of love and support from people all over the country and the world,” said Rigdon.

One of the strongest things going for Rigdon is his stage presence, this has been evident since the very beginning. After his Blind Audition Shelton likened his performance to a Garth Brooks Performance. For Rigdon to continue in the competition the talented artist believes he has to continue doing is thing on stage.

“I’m definitely going to have to bring more energy to the stage. That is definitely my plan for next week, is to bring energy to the stage. And do what I feel like I do best and that’s perform….” Said Rigdon.

Rigdon is one of five Team Blake artists who remain in the competition. For Rigdon it is no surprise to him that Team Blake continues to do well.

“I knew coming into this competition from the Blinds that team Blake had a very strong group of artists together and to see my teammates pull through is amazing. You know it proves me right that America has really enjoyed what Team Blake has to offer this year. It sucks to see so many great artists go home… but I am proud to keep Team. Blake together…” said Rigdon.

To see if Rigdon will continue to impress on The Voice tune into NBC’s The Voice on Monday.

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