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From A One Chair Turn To The Top 8 of The Voice

Andrew Sevener is one of five Team Blake Artists who continue ti impress on season 16 of The Voice. Sevener, along with Gyth Rigdon, Carter Lloyd Horne, Dexter Roberts, and Kim Cherry advanced to The Top eight last week.

Sevener grew up around music with both of his parents being in a band. A fifth grade crush who liked guys in bands inspired Sevener to learn the guitar and from there a music career was born. Stuck in a rut, Sevener decided to audition for The Voice.

“Honestly I kind of auditioned on a whim. I was kind of stuck in a rut back home. I was playing gigs almost every night and I was working during the day. It just got to be a lot. I was getting burnt out really easily, my voice was dying out on me quickly and I felt like I just wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t seeing the changes I was working for….” Said Sevener.

Sevener has impressed each week he has been on the show. The talented artist who was a one chair turn advanced to the Top Eight after singing Luke Combs' "She Got the Best of Me”. Sevener and Coach Blake Shelton are a match made made in heaven, for Sevener it is the fact that Shelton lets his artists be who they want be that make him a great coach.

“Working with Blake as been fantastic. I feel like me and Blake are similar in some ways just because we’re kind of like normal people. He is just so cool. He is fantastic. He lets you be your own self. When you get into these type of situations some people might to try to move you one way when you’re not really feeling it or make you sing a song your not 100 percent feeling. But everything Blake has done, he understands who and how we are as an artist. He really feeds off of that. He really understands who we are, and who we want to be, and what we want to do. The song choices that he makes reflects that. So just having him as a coach is just fantastic. I couldn’t be happier being on Team Blake,” said Sevener.

The main reason why Sevener is still on The Voice is the support from the fans. For Sevener the support from the fans has validated all of his hard work.

“The fan support is absolutely ridicules. Back in my hometown of Alvarado they have really rallied to do a whole lot for me along with everybody else in America and Texas. I see all of it and it makes me feel really good that they’re enjoying what I'm doing. It’s kind of like verifying everything I’ve been doing over the years. That I’ve been playing gigs waking up 3 hours after getting home from work and having very little to no sleep. It kind of verifies everything and it feels good,” said Sevener.

According to Sevener in order for him to remain on The Voice he has to continue to be himself on stage and give it all he has. To see what song Sevener sings next tune into NBC’s The Voice on Monday night.

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