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Rod Stokes Continues To Shine On The Voice

Rod Stokes is The Voice Artist with 9 lives. The talented artist has spent time on three teams (Team Blake, Team Adam, and Team Kelly) after being stolen twice and now finds himself in the top eight.

After his Battle Round it looked like Stokes’ time on The Voice had come to end and then with push of a button Adam Levine allowed Stokes to continue on the show with a steal. After the Cross Battle results it looked like yet again Stokes’ time on the show was over, but then Kelly Clarkson stole the talented singer. Stokes is grateful that he is still on The Voice and wants to prove to America he belongs.

“I’m blown away by it. At first I was like oh goodness I lost my Battle, then I was stolen. Then I lost my Cross battle and I was stolen again. You know at first I was kind of beating myself up I was like Rod you got to push yourself a little harder, you got to do better. I calmed myself down and said you know these Coaches are stealing you so there must be something in you that they like. It was mixed emotions but it turned out great. I'm not complaining,” said Stokes.

For his top 13 performance Stokes sang Percy Sledge's "When a Man Loves a Woman.”Stokes put his country spin on the song which impressed not only Clarkson but The Voice fans as well. The fans came out and voted for Stokes helping him advance to the top eight. For Stokes to continue on the show the talented singer has to continue bring his “A” game.

“Honestly I have to keep bringing my ‘A’ game. I mean I just have to be on top of everything. I sing from my heart and I give it my all. That’s what it’s going to take I believe for me to stay in this competition,” said Stokes.

Each week Stokes is on The Voice he is gaining more and more fans. Stokes is getting support from all of the country and the world. The fan support means the world to Stokes.

Oh god the Fan support is crazy. From schools, to local business, to the banks, I mean it’s insane. All [of the support is amazing coming from all] across the country and really the world. I’ve had people from Argentina the Philippines, Canada, and Mexico. It’s just everywhere you know that are saying hey we’re supporting you…It’s just blowing my mind,” said Stokes.

Working with Clarkson has been a dream come true for Stokes. When Stokes landed on Team Kelly the talented singer felt as though he was home and so far Clarkson and Stokes are making a great team.

“[Working with Kelly has been] Incredible. It’s like you get to a few places and you’re like this doesn’t feel comfortable, this is fine, this is great, but it was like when I reached Kelly it was like ok I'm home now. This is where I’m supposed to be. Kelly’s incredible. She’s been beyond great to work with. Very personable, she’s just so outgoing, and caring, and loving, and compassionate. I mean she’s just great,” said Stokes.

Stokes will sing for America’s vote on Monday. The talented singer will look to advance another week, moving him closer to being named The Voice.

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