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Carter Lloyd Horne Is In It To Win It

Carter Lloyd Horne continues to impress on season 16 of NBC’s The Voice. The youngest singer in the competition, Horne’s has now made it to the top 8 and is just weeks away from the finals.

Horne’s musical journey began at early age. The talented artist whose influences include Chris Stapleton and `Harry Styles, among others got his singing start by singing Karaoke with his Grandfather. Things for Horne grew from there and helped him get to The Voice stage. Horne who has always admired The Voice was excited at the chance to work with the coaches.

“The Voice has always been my favorite show. You know out of all the singing competitions it seemed like the best chance to have the most fun and I always liked the coaches. So it’s always been a dream of mine to go try it,” said Horne.

Since the Cross Battles the fans have gotten behind Horne. For the the Cross Battles Horne sang "Way Down We Go” by KALEO, for his top 24 performance he sang “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis Presley, and For his top 13 performance he sang James Bay’s “Let It Go”. Each week the talented artist not only impressed his Coaches but the fans of the Voice as well. The fans have voted Horne through each week helping him advance to the top eight, and the 20 year old country singer has yet to have to sing for The Voice Save.

“I am so honored that America cared enough about to keep me around for another week,” said Horne.

For Horne working with Blake Shelton has been awesome. According to Horne Shelton acts the same on and off the camera, which is one of the things Horne admires about Shelton.

“Blake [Shelton]’s the best. The way he is on camera, is the way he is off and he’s super nice. He says what he needs to. He’s really genuine down to earth, he’s a good guy,” said Horne.

Horne is the not the only Team Blake member to have success on the show this season. Horne is one of five artists still in the completion. Horne and the other Team Blake artists have all become close friends and for Horne it has been a lot of fun being able to experience the show together.

“Especially since the Cross Battles I’ve felt such a sense of camaraderie with everybody and the fact so many of us get to participate in the show together, it’s amazing,” said Horne.

According to Horne in order for him to continue on in the competition he will have to give It his all. If Horne continues giving it his all America will continue to vote for him.

“I have to give it my best and hopefully America appreciates what I'm doing,” said Horne.

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