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Jackson Marlow believes God Has a Plan For Him

With The Voice in full swing there is one glaring absence, and that is the absence of country artist Jackson Marlow. Marlow was eliminated from The Voice after he lost his battle with fellow Team Kelly artist Abby Kasch. While Marlow’s time on The Voice is done Marlow has a bright future ahead of him.

Each season artists like Marlow get to meet fellow artists who are chasing the same dream they are. The dream of winning the show and having a career in music creates friendships between the artist. These new friendships will last a lifetime for some. For Marlow that is the number one thing he took away from the show.

"The best part of the show was definitely the friends that I made throughout the course of it. With the contestants, and even some of of the staff on The Voice, They were super awesome…There were some pretty awesome people involved all the way around. But yeah I would would say for sure the best party of the show was the friends that I made,” said Marlow.

Marlow has already started working on life post The Voice. The talented artist has begun meeting with music produces and according to Marlow things are looking up for him in terms of music. While Marlow has already begun meeting with producers he completely believes in God’s plan whether that includes music or not.

“I've met with some producers and talked some stuff over and everything is looking really great. You know before the battles I prayed about it and I asked the good lord, I said whatever your will is will be done with all of this you know.. I feel like God had a plan for me with all of this. With my music career and everything you know. Even if I don’t do anything else with music I still think it’s going to be great,” said Marlow.

During his short time on The Voice Marlow got to work with coach Kelly Clarkson and country superstar Kelsea Ballerini. Marlow enjoyed working with Ballerini.

“Kelsea I guess was more outgoing. In a way she was a little easier to talk to. I mean Kelsea was cool. I’m probably a bigger fan of her than I am Kelly Clarkson because Kelsea sings more country music. I’ll be honest I didn’t even know a Kelly Clarkson song until I went on the show,” said Marlow.

Marlow’s Blind Audition video now has more than 1.2 views on YouTube. For Marlow the fact that his video has that many views is mind blowing.

“That’s pretty cool I think. I’ve never had 1 million views on YouTube before. That’s neat to see. That’s a whole lot of people watching and going back and watching it again. It’s cool to think that many people would want to click on something with my name on it,” said Marlow.

While Marlow’s time of The Voice did not go the way he had planed, the talented artist would not change his time on the show for the world.

Oh yeah for sure [I would audition again] I mean I wouldn’t change it for the world. I think the only thing I would want to change about it is going a little further than I did. But meeting the people that I met and just the experience. If there was anything that I did learn from The Voice it would have been learning from myself, that I was good enough to go do that. I had never been on stage or anything, Competing with so many talented artists I was one of the top 48 out of thousands that tried to get to that point…” said Marlow.

Marlow’s early exit from The Voice will not stop the talented artist from going far in music or whatever he decides to do.

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