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2019 Is Going To Be A Special Year for Barrett Baber

Barrett Baber has gone from an Arkansas teacher to a successful singer/songwriter living in Nashville, Tennessee. The talented artist has been extremely busy creating new music not only for himself to record, but for other artists as well.

Baber appeared on Season 9 of NBC’s The Voice. The talented artist who was on Team. Blake finished third that season. Since The Voice Baber has been busy doing what he loves, making music. A year and a half ago Baber released an album called Room Full of Fighters. In 2019 Baber has released a live album and had his songs cut by multiple artists. 2019 is shaping up to be a career year for Baber.

“I truly believe 2019 is going to be a special year for me. It is going to be one heck of ride,” said Baber.

Recently Baber has had a lot of success as a Songwriter. Baber cowrote Cody Johnson’s “Nothin’ On You “ with Trent Williamson. The song appeared on Jonson’s record, Ain't Nothin to It. The cut was Baber’s first on a number one record. In addition to “Nothing On You” Baber also cowrote “I Drink Beer” which is a song on fellow Voice alum Josh Gallagher self-titled EP. The recent success as a songwriter is a dream come true for Baber.

“It’s been a goal of my life to be a songwriter. I’ve been real fortunate to connect with seasoned songwriters in town…I am really excited for the future. The most magical thing about songwriting it the [song] didn’t exist before you made it exist. With songwriting you can control your own destiny. [With Songwriting] you can change a life in one day,” said Baber.

Baber released his Live Album in March. The album consists of songs Baber performed live at a show in Woodstock. The tracks on the album include cover songs, songs off of Room Full of Fighters, and Baber’s EP Falling Again. After holding onto the recordings for two years Baber decided to release the album so the fans who have never seen him perform can experience a live show.

“…We worked really hard on this album. I think capturing the magic of a live show is hard to do on a recording. I think it was really important I released [this album] because my live show is such a big part of what I do,” said Baber.

When asked what gave him more satisfaction recoding his own music or writing songs for other Baber could not choose.

“That’s a tough one. I think it’s a tie between writing and releasing my own stuff. Man I’m in love with songwriting and performing, and creating music. I believe I have a lot of life left as an an artist. I am excited for the future,” said Baber.

2019 is not only going to be a great year for. Baber, but it will be a great year for all of Baber’s fans as well. According to Baber there will be a lot of new music being released in the coming months. Baber will be releasing song or two every few months instead of releasing the traditional album. The new music will be a blend of music that follows along the lines of stuff Baber has released in the past and stuff his fans have never heard before.

“There is a lot of new music coming. We just finished recording some new tracks….We are going to release the new music in bits and pieces….We are going to release stuff that’s different, stuff that’s different, and stuff that’s down the middle. I love all types of music. I love new Country. Country Music is a melting pot of a genre. I am in love with the old stuff. I hate that people put artists in a specific genre. I want to write epic songs and records to release epic recordings to fans,” said Baber.

2019 is going to Baber’s best year yet. To find out when Baber will release his next song or to see the talented artist live visit

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