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Jackson Marlow Join Team Kelly on Season 16 of The Voice

The Marlows are making NBC’s The Voice a Family Tradition. Red Marlow was a finalist on season 13 of The Voice and this season nephew Jackson Marlow joined Team Kelly Clarkson. The younger Marlow hopes to be just as successful as his Uncle on the show.

Marlow grew up around music. Not only is his uncle in music but so is his father. The talented young artist was influenced by artists like Keith Whitley. The traditional country influence in Marlow’s music is evident.

“Well, outside of my dad, my uncle and my granddaddy Keith Whitely is probably my biggest influence. He’s always been my favorite of all-time. I try to do a lot of things he did you know with my music. I would definitely say Keith Whitley is the biggest one…” said Marlow.

Marlow was the last artist to join a team during The Blind Auditions. The young talented artist chose to sing “Troubadour” by George Strait. Marlow went into his Blind Audition with the idea he would choose coach Kelly Clarkson if she turned and as fate would have it Clarkson’s team was the only one with a spot.

“Honestly I feel like I would have had at least a three chair turn had they been able to turn, but even if they all had turned around Kelly would have been my first choice as a coach and then honestly maybe even Adam before Blake,” said Marlow.

“Blake’s team was completely loaded with great country artists by the time I came along and got to sing. I saw that and I figured you know why would I compete with them right off the bat when I can kind of stay in my own lane and sort of have a team to myself as far as being a country singer. So I figured I would go with the path of least resistance and deal with the country artists that Blake has once the Lives roll around,” continued Marlow.

Seeing his Uncle Red finish fourth on season 13 of The Voice gave Marlow hope that having a career in music was possible.

“Well you know seeing my Uncle Red on the show it kind of gave me confirmation that doing something with music was possible, seeing him succeed. And I knew in my mind I was just as good as he was. There was no reason why I couldn’t do it as well,” said Marlow.

Marlow hopes to be able to use The Voice as a platform, a platform to one day be a household name, who’s music is on the top of the country charts.

“My biggest goal for The Voice is to make a platform for myself, where no matter what happens on the show I can get out there and keep pushing my music and my music career. Hopefully I will get some labels and producers to notice my music and who want to work with me and pick me up and run with me. I feel like it’s a great start to get out there and do something with music,” said Marlow.

Marlow has a great shot at giving coach Kelly Clarkson a third straight win on The Voice. The talented artist will now face off against once of his Team Kelly teammates in The Battle Rounds. To see if Marlow will advance to The Knockouts tune into NBC The Voice on Monday.

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