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Dexter Roberts is a Frontrunner on The Voice

With his blind audition Dexter Roberts fully cemented himself as a frontrunner on season 16 of the Voice.

The Alabama native started singing at a young age. Roberts’ Grandmother got the talented artist his first guitar and to this day Roberts remembers the exact details of that plastic red and yellow guitar. From the red and yellow guitar to The Voice Roberts is ready to prove his place in country music. The talented artist found his way to The Voice because of a push from a couple of his friends.

“Well one of my friends said you need to try out for The Voice,” said Roberts

“I prayed about it and another friend told me the next day told me the same thing. [So I decided to audition and I am glad I did.]” said Roberts

For his Blind Audition Roberts sang “Like A Cowboy” by Randy Houser. Roberts impressed all four coaches. Coach Adam Levine turned his chair out respect saying “I am going to keep this brief. I’m not the country state police or water [Blake] is, but I will say this any one of us regardless of genre we know when something is transcendent enough truly spectacular what you do is astounding I just want to pay my respects by pressing my button…” The Country crooner chose Blake Shelton as his coach of the country superstar

“…Listen man country artists know who they are and where they come from and they keep a foot in that place, I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t cross genre, I don’t care to. I'm a country artist… Country artists know who they are, they keep one foot where they came from, and they keep their eye on the ball. I just happen to know what I love and I’m damn proud! Thats what I want to do. If being on a popular television show is me stepping out of the country music box somehow ok I’ll give you that,” said Shelton.

Roberts and Shelton both sung country music, but they’re connection runs deeper than that. The other thee coaches were right when they assumed Roberts would choose Shelton, but they missed one important connection the two artists share.

“I felt like I can relate to Blake. We both like hunting and fishing,” said Roberts.

Like every artist who competes on The Voice Roberts would like to win and be crowned season 16 Champion. The talented artist would also like to take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about himself as an artist and about the Music Business.

Roberts will now face off against one of. His fellow Team Blake members in The Battle Rounds to see if Roberts will advance on the show tune into The Voice on NBC at 8pm EST.

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