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Josh Gallagher is Ready to Shove Music Down People's Throats

There is no stoping Josh Gallagher. The talented artist is preparing to release to new music, while he continues to perform shows all over the country.

One year ago Gallagher released his hit song “How Bout You”. The song has been a huge success for the talented artist. Not only was the song number one for 5 weeks on CMT’s 12 pack countdown, “How ‘Bout You” has amassed nearly 300,000 streams on Spotify.

“I cant believe it. It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since the song was out, and it’s still doing good…” said Gallagher

“I played a show at Pucketts in Columbia and when we played “How Bout You it was our last song. I announced that they may have heard this song. I told them about the CMT…We played it and I told them it was a year ago that we put that song out. It went by that fast and when we started playing it their ears perked up…” continued Gallagher.

In 2019 Gallagher will release two EPs, with a total of 12 songs between the two. The first EP which will be self-titled will include six brand new never released by the talented artist. Two of the songs that will appear on this EP are “Preachers Kid” and “Tough As I Think I am”. Both of the songs cane be heard at Gallagher’s live shows. Gallagher will release two singles from this EP. Then around Labor Day the talented artist will release “Boots Like Mine”,

“… I’m pretty excited to announce this and tell people about this because we finally figure out something that’s going to work, that I really like. I am going to put out six brand new songs on a brand new EP self-titled…. We’re going to feature two singles off of that EP. We’re going to run that probably till end of summer. Really ramp up and get behind “Boots Like Mine” as a single. We will probably release it around Labor Day. Let it run, let it push, do its thing, and then after that maybe October we’re going to put out six more songs…” said Gallagher.

“So then we’ll have EP one with two singles, another single “Boots Like Mine”, and EP number two. So we’ll have two different hard hard copies we can sell for merch. Then we’re going to bundle them together like a collection on an album. You’ll be able to choose which CD you want or or you can buy the whole record. The whole record will be called Boots Like Mine. So that way we can get more music and more content to the fans throughout the whole entire year. Rather than putting out 12 songs and feature a bunch of singles. We’re just going to shove music down people’s throats the rests of the year,” continued Gallagher.

Gallagher is extremely excited for his fans to hear the new music. According to Gallagher the new music will be completely different from what he has released in the past.

“This EP is going to be really good this EP…. You know me I don’t toot my own horn, but this EP is really really good. It’s well written and It’s completely different than out last EP and to be honest with ya our sound has evolved even from “How Bout You’. It’s good, I am excited,” said Gallagher.

On March 13th Gallagher will be opening up for Cole Swindell and on March 16th Gallagher will be at The Local in Nashville for his EP Release Party. To find out where else Gallagher will be visit

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