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Tre Houston May Be The Busiest Artist In Nashville

Tre Houston is one of the busiest artists in Nashville. Just eight month removed from releasing his EP Mine Houston has a new EP ready to make its debut.

Houston released Mine last July, The five song EP included songs like “Da Vinci” and the title track “Mine”. Houston’s newest EP is called Let It Rain. Having two EPs released in less than a year is not something you see every day. According to Houston releasing Let It Rain so soon after Mine was not on purpose.

“It was almost unintentional. It was sort of the way everything bottled up and went off to the studio,” said Houston. 

Houston is currently working on multiple projects. The talented artist is currently working new music including Let It Rain, Music Videos, and even an album. Let It Rain will include songs like "Good Girl". "Good Girl" is currently available on iTunes. Let It Rain got its title from a song on the EP. The song "Let It Rain" is about Houston’s Producer, Mentor, and friend Dave Tough. 

“[The title] is based off of one of the songs on the EP. The song is about Dave Tough. A few years ago he went through a heart a problem. I was in the studio with him when he got sick. It was tough,” said Houston.

Houston is not only working on releasing his own music. The talented artist is also busy writing songs. Houston is currently working with the ACM nominated band, The Lost Trailers. The Lost Trailers who took a break for a few years announced their return last April. Houston had three cuts on their most recent EP. Whether Houston is writing songs for other artists, for himself, he enjoys watching the song grow from just words to a song. 

“…One of my greatest joys in music is being able to create something that wasn’t there before,” said Houston. 

Houston is always working on new projects. Mine is currently available to listen on favorite music streaming/download site. Look for Let It Rain to be released soon.

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