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Dave Fenley is Ready To Show Country Music He Belongs

Dave Fenley is taking advantage of every opportunity coming his way since the talented artist was eliminated from The Voice. Fenley is currently working on new music and playing shows all over Texas.

The Voice was a second chance for the talented singer. In 2013 Fenley competed on America’s Got Talent advancing to the Semi-Finals. According to the talented singer he did not take advantage of that opportunity. On Season 15 of NBC’s The Voice Fenley did not let any opportunity pass him by advancing to the top 10. For Fenley being on The Voice was a great experience. The Voice was an opportunity for Fenley to share with the world what type of artist he is.

After his Blind Audition Fenley said, “I want to have one more chance to go out there and show people what I do. if I get a chance to turn people on to the songs that I write at some point then I think that would be the ultimate goal. To let people know I'm not just some guy that could go out there and sing a song. I connect to lyrics. I'm a writer of songs…”

Fenley is currently in the studio recording a new single and working on getting his fans new music. In addition to the new music set to hit the airways soon, Fenley is playing as many shows as he can. Playing shows will give Fenley an opportunity to see old faces, meet new fans, and continue putting smiles on people’s faces with his music.

“My favorite part about performing (on stage) is being able to play new faces, and seeing familiar faces [looking back at me singing my songs],” said Fenley.

Currently Fenley is playin most of his shows in Texas, but the talented artist hopes to be able to expand his tour and meet his fans in places like Boston and New York. If Fenley is able to expand his tour he will be able to grow his fanbase even more and it will allow him to take full advantage of the opportunity at a second chance at a career in country music, a opportunity he did not take after he appeared on America’s Got Talent.

After a Top 10 finish on The Voice Fenley is ready to show the Country Music world why he belongs. To find out where Fenley will play next and when he will be releasing new music visit

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