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You Can’t Get More Country Than Kirk Jay

From day one Kirk Jay has been a favorite on The Voice. The Alabama native has wowed the viewers and coaches with his unique country sound. Whether Jay is singing Rascal Flatt, Sam Hunt or Chris Young, the talented artist has been able to impress week after week.

During the Blind Audition Jay was one of the few artists to get a four chair turn. When the talented artist was asked what type of music he wanted to sing he proclaimed “I’m country ‘till the day I Die” That attitude is one of the things that has endeared Jay to country fans around the world. The support of the fans has meant the world to Jay.

“[The fan support] has been awesome [and it means a lot]” said Jay.

Jay came in third this season on NBC’s The Voice. The talented singer never face elimination in any round until the finale. Jay was able to stay consistent, show emotion and stay connected with each lyric. The emoting that Jay brings to each performance helped Jay advance to the Finale. The talented singer will now begin his career in country music which will no doubt take off. Coach Blake Shelton fully believes that Jay has a shot to be at the top of the country music charts.

“Kirk has a real shot at a big career I feel like I feel like he is somebody we can hear on country radio tomorrow and deserves it…” Shelton said during the Finale of The Voice.

Shelton was behind Jay every step of the way. Fromm being a mentor ,to advice to just being a friend Shelton was a key part of Jay’s success on the show. When asked what he wanted to say to his coach before the winner of season 15 Jay said “I just want say thank you Blake for believing in me….” Shelton has been behind Jay from the beginning.

“I hit my Botton because I loved his voice. Even though I could hear country in this guy I wasn’t completely convinced that, that was was the road that he wanted to go down and when he said he’s country till he dies he may as well of told me here’s a suitcase full of a million dollars,” said Shelton while talking with host Carson Daly.

He’s lived a lot of life in a short amount of time and wen he gets on stage and performs he’s giving every single thing he has,” continued Shelton.

While on the show Jay performed a variety of hits from country music superstars and country music legends. During his Top 13 performance Jay performed a Lonestar classic, “I’m Already There” The talented artist not only impressed the coaches and the fans, but Richie McDonald himself. McDonald reached out to Jay praising his performance, a dream come true for Jay.

“ Starting out no one knows you. [To go from that to Richie McDonald telling me I did a good job with his song], I’ve always dreamed of that. So that was super fun” said Jay.

Jay might not have won The Voice, but the talented artist will be a name heard around country music for a long time. After all he is Country ‘till the day he dies.

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