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Dave Fenley's Time on The Voice has Ended

Dave Fenley’s time on The Voice ended last week when the talent country artist failed to make the Top 8. While his time on the show ended prematurely, Fenley accomplished what he set out to do when he first auditioned for the show.

From the moment that Fenley took the blind audition stage he captured the attention and hearts of The Voice fans with his ability to connect with and deliver the lyric of a song. From the beginning it was Fenley’s goal to make sure fans knew that connecting with the lyrics of the song was important to him.

“I want to... go out there and show people what I do. if I get a chance to turn people on to the songs that I write at some point then I think that would be the ultimate goal. To let people know I'm not just some guy that could go out there and sing a song. I connect to lyrics. I'm a writer of songs…. “ said Fenley.

For his Top 10 performance Fenley sang “When You Say Nothing At All” by Keith Whitley, Fenley did a great job at tackling the country music legend. This performance did not only show off Fenley’s voice but it showed his fans how versatile Fenley is. The prior week Fenley sang “Use Me”. The song which included Fenley beatboxing abilities was selected by the fans. When Fenley heard about the fan’s selection he was surprised and even though it was a county song Fenley stayed true to himself and put a country spin on it,

“ I think [that no matter what happens] I am going to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I love country music and… I want to stay true to who I am [an an artist, writer, and performer0,” said Fenley.

When it comes to coach Blake Shelton his artist all agree he is a blast to not only learn from but to hangout with. Shelton appears to have a fun personality when on camera and according to Fenley he is the exact same way when the cameras are not on.

“Blake is so much fun ti hangout with and it was awesome getting getting to perform with him,” said Fenley.

From the America’s Got Talent stage to The Voice Stage and everything in between Fenley seems poised to cement his career in country music. The talented country artist my not be on The Voice anymore but he will be a fixture in county music.

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