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Chris Kroeze Has Become a Fan Favorite on The Voice

From the Battles, to the Knockouts, to the live playoffs, Chris Kroeze continues to prove he is someone to watch on The Voice this season. The Wisconsin native advanced this week to the top 13, joining teammates and fellow country artists Dave Fenley and Kirk Jay.

Kroeze’s road to the Live Playoffs was not 100 percent smooth, although that was not due to his performance at all. During the Knockouts Kroeze faced off against Michael Lee. The two were so evenly matched that coach Blake Shelton flipped a coin to choose the winner. Lee was named winner, but Shelton used his one and only save to keep Kroeze alive in the completion. Even though it was nerve-racking Kroeze had a feeling Shelton would use the save on him.

“You know it wasn’t as bad as you think. I mean there’s a lot of anxiety there no matter what, but when I saw Blake take out the coin and I knew he still had a save, I had a good feeling about it. Because if he was willing to flip a coin for it then I figured neither one of us were going home at that moment,” said Kroeze.

For the Live Playoffs Kroeze sang "Have You Ever Seen the Rain”. The performance showed off Kroeze’s range and propelled him into the top 13. Kroeze along with Jay were voted by Voice fans to represent Team Blake. Fenley was chosen by Shelton to round out the all country team. According to Kroeze the key to him advancing lies in the presence and with his ability to connect with his fans.

“You know I think a big part of it is going to be just making sure I get out there and nail my song. Making sure I stay connected online with social media and stuff, with all my fans back home. They’re the voters now so they have huge pull in whether I make it or not. So I think making sure I stay connected with my home area and everything is going to play a huge part,” said Kroeze.

From the moment the talented singer took The Voice stage during the Blind Auditions he has had a huge fanbase by his side. For Kroeze the fan support has meant the word to him.

“The fan support has been unbelievable. My home area Northwest Wisconsin is blowing up for me. It’s incredible,” said Kroeze.

Throughout the competition Kroeze has been able to work closely with Shelton. For the talented artist being able to learn from the country music superstar has been a great opportunity.

“Blake has been super cool. He’s the same bubbly, goofy guy you see on TV in person when the cameras aren’t there. He’s the same guy. He’s been really helpful. [He’s] just an all around down to earth. Nice to work with,” said Kroeze.

When it comes to the live rounds Kroeze is looking forward to the fast pace atmosphere from week to week.

“I’m look forward to the fast paced way of it. You know, From what Ive been told we will be getting songs on short notice, and performing them a couple of days later. I’m looking forward to that. That’s kind if my life,” said Kroeze.

To see Kroeze advance tune in to tThe Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays and vote.

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