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Dave Fenley Continues to Impress on NBC's The Voice

With each round Team Blake’s Dave Fenley continues impress on The Voice The talented artist from Team Blake advanced to the live playoffs after beating Kameron Marlowe in the Knockout round.

Fenley advanced to the Knockout rounds after beating Keith Paluso. Fenley and Paluso sang “I’m a One Woman Man” by George Jones. The pair was able to take a classic country song and make it their own. Fenley credits Team Blake mentor Keith Urban with helping them make the song their own.

“Keith [Urban] was really intuitive. I mean of course you know he’s talented, you hear his music and I should have known how great of a musician he actually is. He helped us really range the song and take it from something that was such a old honky tonk song to something that was really groovy and a lot of that was Keith’s influence,” said Fenley.

For his Knockout round performance Fenley decided to sing Lionel Richie’s “Stuck on You.” Fenley wowed Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson with ability to take the R&B classic and make it it his own. Fenley’s ability to make the song his own is what propelled him to the Live Playoffs. One of the reasons Fenley chose to sing “Stuck on You” was because of his love for the song.

“Ive always loved Lionel Richie and I thought like he wrote … he had a good country sensibility. A lot of his songs have a country theme. So I didn’t feel it was that far of a stretch,” said Fenley.

During the Knockouts the artists on all of the teams got to work with Mariah Carey. According to Fenley Carey was extremely supportive and the fact that he got to work with her made the round that much better. Fenley also enjoyed being able to surprise people with his song choice. Overall Fenley really enjoyed the Knockout round.

“The Knockouts were amazing. It was taking another classic song, more of an R&B song. Something people wouldn't think I would actually sing and getting to really make it my own. I was really proud of that. It was really fun process working on that,” said Fenley.

The Live Playoffs being tomorrow night on NBC. According to Fenley in order for him to continue in the competition he will need to continue making songs his own and making sure the integrity of the song remains.

“So far I think that the response I'm hearing from the internet and things like that is, people are attached to the integrity that I give to a song. So I think moving forward I just [want to continue] doing that. I want to find songs that I can really dive into, and that I could put my own personal twist on.,and that I can still keep the integrity of the song. That’s my goal,” said Fenley.

If you would like to see Fenley advance and sing next week on The Voice make sure to tune into the Voice and vote.

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