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Caeland Garner's Voice Goal is to Help People

Caeland Garner is now a member of Team Blake. The talented singer who just a few years ago was parking cars just to stay a float in the competitive Nashville scene, is now a favorite of many on The Voice.

Garner auditioned for The Voice after being contacted by the show. Over the last few years the talented sing er had been contacted by record labels around town. The labels encouraged Garner to join social media to gain a following which was one of the things that led to his Voice Blind Audition.

“…The last year and a half I started to get a lot of interest from record labels. I produce all of my own music, I sing every harmony part, and I play all the instruments on the songs I’ve released to iTunes. It was kind of a god thing. I had three or four years worth of cover videos I put online and they were reached out to me,” said Garner.

“Everybody was loving my stuff and they told me you haven’t been on social media long mostly because I didn’t want people to think I was being fake on social media. I was trying to grow a grass roots following at my shows and get a following that way. When I finally did get on I realized how difficult it was. So the labels I was meeting with and the producers they highly encouraged me to get online and start connecting with people by sharing my story. My 10 years in Nashville, the ups and downs mostly downs you have to get past… As I started doing it my one goal in life has been to connect with people to help people. I’ve come across a lot of adversity in my short career and that’s all I feel like I was put on this earth to do. So as people were telling me to get on social media this opportunity came up where I was asked to audition for the voice here in nashville…” continued Garner.

Garner sang King Harvest’s Dancing in the Moonlight and impressed both Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson. While the obvious choice for the country singer originally from North Carolina was Shelton, according to Garner Hudson has a shot. By getting the chairs to turn Garner not only ensured millions got to see him play and learn his name, but he could relay his dream of helping people across the globe.

“I have two hopes for The Voice. My big hope personally was the chance to get in front of a very large audience that watches the show and hopefully share my artist career with people. I’ve been [working at this] pretty much for the last 10 years, but professionally I’ve been playing music since I was 14. So I just wanted to get in front of people so they would go check my music out on iTunes and see that I’ve been songwriting professionally for 8 years and hopefully they would catch a hold of what I’m trying to do as an artist,” said Garner.

“…The reason I do music is, at a young age I wanted to help people. I was not really understood as a kid. I was picked on and mostly because I was kind of introverted and I was very passionate about music. I would go straight home help my mom and dad on the farm and practice whatever instrument was on my mind for six/seven hours every night and I did that all through my childhood. I knew that I wanted to help people because I saw so many people growing up that had absolutely nothing. We didn’t have a lot of money but compared to a lot of people that I knew we were fine. We had food on the table every night, we had a roof over our heads. I’ve always just wanted to help people I don’t know how else to explain it. My mom and my dad gave me that passion because of who they are and that’s who they raised me and my baby sister and my older brother and sister to be. I honestly thought that if I can get on this show and I can go on there and tell people hey look you know everybody gets depressed. I got depressed through chasing my dreams but if you chase your dreams you will not only catch them but you’ll show everybody else thats’ watching you run towards that dream they could do the same thing. No matter how tough it is you got to just keep going. So I felt like if I can get in front of people and share that message and share my passion of what I'm trying to do with helping people I could actually accomplish that whether people listen to my music or not… message…” continued Garner

Garner might have ever been able to share his message or his music if not for a couple of former Voice Finalists. Garner is close friends with former Team Blake members Barrett Baber and Red Marlow. Marlow was seen cheering Garner on during his Blind Audition. Both artists were instrumental in Garner deciding to give The Voice a shot.

““[Barrett Baber and Red Marlow] were extremely influential, mostly because both of them had such good experiences. The biggest thing they kept telling me and I didn’t know the full extent until I got to the show, They’re like Caeland it’s great to just get on the show. You’re going to get in front of a lot of people. The biggest thing they told me was, ‘you don’t understand how much fun you’re going to have being a part of this. You’re going to meet fiends on there that you’re never going to lose touch with.’ Also the people that actually work for the show are the absolute nicest. I mean I don’t know how the other singing shows do things, but as far as this one when you’re there they take care of you. They’re so down to earth, nice, and whatever you need to feel comfortable they’re there for you. Just emotionally supporting you and just giving you every option to be the best artist you can be…” said Garner.

Garner will now face off against a teammate during the Battle rounds. To see who Garner will face and if he will advance to The Knockout rounds tune in to NBC’s The Voice tonight and tomorrow.

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