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Dave Fenley Is A Writer of Songs

Dave Fenley impressed both Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson with his rendition of Travis Tritt’s “Help Me Hold On” during his Blind Audition on NBC’s The Voice. Fenley would end up choosing to be a member of Team Blake.

Fenley is no stranger to talent competitions. During season eight of America’s Got Talent Fenley advanced to the Semi-Finals before being eliminated. Fenley believes that he did not take full advantage of that opportunity five years ago and that is one of the reason he decided to try his hand at The Voice.

“I tried Americas Got Talent five years ago and I didn’t feel like I took full advantage of the experience. I’m about to turn 40 and I was like man one more shot wouldn’t hurt. I mean I’ve been living in Nashville for five years, I’ve been writing songs non stop really trying to hone that craft. This opportunity came up and I was like you know why not, mid life crisis call it what you want I just wanted to see if I still had an kind of merit in this business,” said Fenley.

During Fenley’s Blind Audition Clarkson was the first turn her chair followed by Shelton. Both coaches fought hard to be able to mentor the talented singer and in the end it was Shelton’s ability to connect with his songs that won Fenley over.

“[I went with Blake] because I think he’s probably closest to the lane that I would ever choose to follow. I think the connection to the songs he makes, to the songs he writes, they fall in line with way I would want to do things,. He really loves a good ballad and those types of songs are the ones I really identify with. I think it came down to the decision of how would I want my life to look and his is the closed to what I picture,” said Fenley.

While Fenley fully expected to choose Shelton if he turned his char Clarkson almost won him over with her excitement to work with the talented singer.

“You know I went in their completely expecting if Blake turned I as 100 percent going with and that was it. Then when Kelly turned she was so excited and showing so much love she moved me. Definitely she had a lot of sway and I I could’ve been convinced, but then I looked over and I saw my momma and I knew what I had to do,” said Fenley

One of the most important facets Fenley brings to the table is is songwriting. By coming to The Voice Fenley hopes to be able to share that with viewers. He wants people to know he not only sings songs, but he connects to the lyrics.

“I want to have one more chance to go out there and show people what I do. if I get a chance to turn people on to the songs that I write at some point then I think that would be the ultimate goal. To let people know I'm not just some guy that could go out there and sing a song. I connect to lyrics. I'm a writer of songs….

To follow along Fenley’s Voice journey like him on Facebook (@davefenleylovesyou), and follow him on Twitter (@davefenley) and Instagram (davefenley).

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