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The Runaway Hamsters Are Ready To 'Go' to The Top of The Charts

The Runaway Hamsters are ready to begin their rise up the Country Music charts. The Group is comprised of four siblings just released a new EP called Brothers and Sisters.

The group is made up of Isabella Keen and her triplet siblings Abby, Gabby, and Riley. The Keen siblings began playing music at an early age and have been able to create a unique sound. When it comes down to the music that has come easy for the Runaway Hamsters, where the group had difficulties is with the naming of the band.

“Well naming our band was the challenge. We all wanted different things, but we each had hamsters and they all ran away a lot. So we decided to name our band the Runaway Hamsters”

The Runaway Hamsters just released an EP called Brothers and Sisters. The EP is the group’s third studio project. This latest EP was produced by Grammy nominated producer Kent Wells. Wells has produced the likes of Dolly Parton. The EP includes six original tunes including their current single “Go”. For the siblings their favorite part about creating this EP was being able to make music with family.

“Well writing songs and getting to do it with our family, and writing with new people, our friends. It’s really cool, and we wrote a song with our father too, and it was fun to work with our producer Kent Wells which is also the producer of Dolly Parton,” said the Runaway Hamsters.

“Go” comes from a personal place for the siblings. For them this represents knowing that no matter what happens, where life takes them, they can always come back home.

“Well we love our parents and whenever times are hard we always know a place to go back home to,” said The Runaway Hamsters.

The Runaway Hamsters enjoyed every moment of making the music video for “Go”. From meeting new to people to getting to work with the actors, the siblings had a blast.

“My favorite part was hanging out with our friends. Doing music all together as a family, and meeting new people, said Isabella.

“My favorite part about the video was we got to do acting with real actors. They were really nice. We got to learn about how to act and it was really fun doing it with everyone. Meeting new people and doing it with family. It was really cool,” added Abby.

“My favorite part about making was getting to go to new places, and meet new people. I really liked doing the acting scenes and the col part is we did it in Idaho,” added Riley

“My favorite part was getting to try on the new outfits and meet all the people shooting the video. It was cool learning from everyone,” added Gabby.

To keep up with everything Runaway Hamsters visit their Facebook page. Brothers and Sister can be download here

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