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Josh Gallagher Has Released The Song of The Summer!!!

Country artist Josh Gallagher has enjoyed a busy summer, jam packed full of shows. The talented artist somehow found some time to jump in the studio and has a new single called “Run The Radio which hit all musical download and streaming sites today.

“Run The Radio” is Gallagher’s second single of 2018. Gallagher’s first single of the year, “How Bout You” was extremely successful. The music video for that song hit CMT’s 12 pack Countdown and never left the top 5 in the 9 weeks the video was on the poll. In those 9 weeks the video took the top spot 5 times.

“…To have it go number one for five weeks was badass. Then to have the fans keep voting, we didn’t leave the top five for nine weeks. Yeah it was great. It couldn’t have worked without any of the fans. So once again I got to give it back to them,” said Gallagher.

With the release of “Run The Radio” Gallagher might very well have the song of the summer. The upbeat tune will make you want to grab a bag, throw it in your car and drive. The idea for the song came from Gallagher’s good friend and fellow songwriter Davis Corley. According to Gallagher, he knew right away that he would release this song during the summer.

“It’s a fun tune. So I wrote that at a writer’s retreat up in Oklahoma and I was out with a bunch of buddies, and one of the writers out there Davis Corley comes up and he’s like hey for our write tomorrow what do you think about this idea Run The Radio? I was like what do you mean? He said you know like you’re driving and it’s you and your girl or whoever and you’re like you run the radio and I’ll get us to wherever you want to go. I was like oh shit that's an awesome idea,” said Gallagher.

“We sat down and wrote it and It turned out to be a little more open and Springsteenish. It worked out really well, the way the song worked with production and everything and I knew if I was going to release it I was going to release it during the summer. It was just one of those kind of songs it came off right off the bat that way. So that’s the main reason. It’s just a song everybody can relate to. You know whether their on a motorcycle, a truck, or car, whatever you know whoever’s driving is just sitting there and having a good time… There’s a pretty cool concept to it. I'm excited for it to come out I cant wait,” continued Gallagher.

“Run The Radio” will not be Gallagher’s last single of 2018. In the fall Gallagher will release a song called “Boots Like Mine” In the song Gallagher not only pays respects to the military, but he pays tribute to every single blue collar person that works their butt off to be able to go to shows like his.

‘“Boots Like Mine’ was cool because I wrote that with Davis Corley and Mark Addison Chandler who was a writer on ‘How Bout You.’ That song was Mark’s idea. We sat on that idea for about a month just kind of stewed on it, just to make sure we got the direction right of how we wanted to structure the song and exactly what we wanted to say. We got into the room that day kind and I told the guys I don’t have a song that’s [kind of patriotic], but we didn’t want to go full blown Toby Keith with it. You know like that’s his thing,” said Gallagher.

“I don’t know If the song would have turned out the way that it did if we had written it that way. We just kind of wanted to focus on the blue collar people and then give a slight nod to the military. Which we do and the end of the chorus and then in the second verse. It’s just a really really good song. I'm actually really proud of that song. it came out really really well. I play it out a bunch and every time I play it people are like that song is ridiculous… It hits everybody. There are the people that are busting there asses every single day, that are fighting for this country for us to be able to do what we do on stage. But not only that but for the other people the blue collar people who go into work every single day and bust their ass to make money to come see us play our show that we’re so luck to be able to do. So it’s kind of like it pays attention or gives tribute to not just military, but everybody. Your nurses, your dishwashers, your ditch diggers, your whatever, it doesn’t matter…” continued Gallagher.

Gallagher has been able to test the waters by playing both “Run The Radio” and “Boots Like Mine” out on the road. Earlier this month Gallagher played in Nanty GLO, PA for their centenial event. There was a packed house that night and most of the fans in attendance were singing his songs back to him. To hear the people singing his songs back to him was a surreal moment for the talented artist.

“It’s really cool to be honest with you. You know we play full band gigs and I always have my in ear monitors in and I can’t really hear people to0 well unless we have crowd mics. So that was kind of the first time I heard people sing the older stuff like, “We Always Had,” “Overtime,” and stuff like that. So it was pretty cool to hear that back and there was a bunch. It wasn’t like the whole entire crowd but it was probably like three quarters of the crowd were singing back my songs it was awesome,” said Gallagher.

Gallagher has a lot of exciting things on tap in the near future including a ton of shows, a lytic video for “Run The Radio” and a music video for “Boots Like Mine.” To keep up with everything Gallagher is up to visit, Like him on Facebook and follow him on Instagram, and Twitter.

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