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JT Hayden Is Back

After a couple years away from music country artist JT Hayden has returned with a bang. The talented artist who recently formed a new band called The JT Hayden Project is ready to release new music and tour, delighting his fans all across the country.

Hayden spent some time away from music to work on some personal issues. The talented artist is now ready to leave those issues behind him and rebuild his career and take it to the next level. Being able to make music again is a great feeling for Hayden.

“It [feels] awesome [to be back playing music]. You know there’s nothing holding me back now and everything is good. It’s a really good feeling to be able to go wherever I need to do and take care of business that I need to take care of and not have to worry about answering to everybody about what I do…” said Hayden.

Hayden and The JT Hayden Project recently competed in a local completion called Battle of the Bands after hearing an advertisement on a local radio station K-100. Hayden would end up coming in third in the completion, but will be getting airtime on K-100. In addition to the airplay Hayden will be put in the rotation of performing artists at The Hollywood Casino in Toledo. Competing in the competition was a good experience for Hayden.

“Well I entered it last minute…I heard an advertisement on the radio for The Battle of the Bands. I entered it last minute, I think there was a day left to get an entry. Out of 500 bands we were one of the ones they picked to compete. They picked 15 bands out of 500 and they did it over a 4 week period. Five bands would compete each week and we won our week. The band that actually beat us out was a wildcard, we beat them out our week we won…” said Hayden.

Hayden decided to name the band The JT Hayden Project for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is because the name is unique, according to Hayden there are not too many projects out there.

“We’re calling the band The JT Hayden Project for right now because it’s like a project band you know. These guys they’ve only been working on my material for about four weeks or so. We kind of figured there are so many bands associated with a name and there’s not too many projects. It kind of keeps it open for whatever we might write later on and stuff like that,” said Hayden.

Hayden will be releasing his EP Rebel On The Run soon. To stay up to date on when the EP will be released and for show announcements like The JT Hayden Project on Facebook

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