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Jared Harder Releases New Music for the First Time in a Few Years

After appearing on season 10 of The Voice Jared Harder is finally ready to release new music. The talented artist released a new single last month called “Heaven Knows”

On season 10 Harder was on Blake Shelton’s team. Harder would lose in the Battle Rounds to the eventual runner up, Adam Wakefield. While Harder’s time on The Voice was short, the time on the show taught Harder more about who he is a musician.

“… I think I learnt a lot about myself musically on The Voice. You know there are things I look back on it and say man I wish I could do this differently or I wish I would have sang this song. I would say that there is a more musical side of me than what a lot of people saw. I think with a couple of tracks on the EP you’ll hear that come through,” said Harder.

“… I would say as far as musical standpoint you know theres a whole other side of me that a lot of people didn’t get to see or maybe they got a glimpse of it when me an Adam Wakefield did the Batter Rounds with the song ‘Cant You See.’ That was a blast. Again it was just a small glimpse of the musical side of me. So I would say there’s a lot of that that will come through on EP that maybe people wont expect… I'm excited to share that with everyone.. but I would say I learned a lot from The Voice and I learned a ton. That was the first time I’d ever had vocal lessons or anything like that. You know getting to work a long side Blake and hearing feedback from other coaches…” continued Harder.

With the release of “Heaven Knows” Harder has his first new music out in a few years. The is an emotional song that comes from Harder’s personal experiences. The talented artist chose to release “Heaven Knows” as his new single because of that personal connection with song.

“The story behind ‘Heaven Knows’ I needed one more song when we were going into the studio to record my EP, which will be out later this year. I was stuck, I needed one more song and I only had a few days until we were going into the studio. I just sat down and I thought what do I want? If I have one song what would I want people to hear? What message do I want to get across with one song?” said Harder.

“So out of that is where ‘Heaven Knows’ came from. It’s just a very honest, a pretty raw, and almost a haunting song in ways. That’s basically where that was birthed out of. Just me as a man, mistakes I’ve made, things I’ve done. You know basically wanting to put stuff behind me and move forward. Even in the bridge its a pretty short bridge the main line is, I'm just tired of hurting those I love, because if heaven knows if I could change one thing it’d be the man that I am. So really thats where the song was birthed out of you know just wanting to be a better man, a better husband, a better friend, a better brother, a better son…So thats what the song is about,” continued Harder.

“Heaven Knows” is the first single off of Harder’s new EP that is set to come out later this year. The EP features five songs. According to Harder some of the songs are from some of the best writers in Nashville. Fans will also be treated to a guest vocal from a talented artist. Harder is excited for is fans to hear the full EP.

“Yes I'm super excited about the EP. There is going to be a guest vocal from someone I respect as an artist very very greatly and someone who is a great friend of mine. So we’ll actually be talking more about that here in just a few weeks. Maybe giving some previews and sneak peaks stuff like that. The EP is going to be five songs and some of those songs are songs that I’ve had the honor getting from a few different writers here in the Nashville. All of them are amazing writers and I'm just blessed to work a long side an amazing team…” said Harder.

With “Heaven Knows,” Harder has him self a hit. To keep tabs on when the full EP will be released like Harder on Facebook (@JaredHArderofficial) and Follow him on Twitter (@JaredHarder).

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