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'I know now more than ever that music is what I'm supposed to do'

Spensha Bake found her way into the hearts of The Voice viewers with her soulful country sound, making to the Finale as a member of Team Blake. The talented artist has gone from not wanting to pursue music to knowing that music is what she is meant to do.

With each passing week on The Voice Baker was more and more surprised that fans were voting her through and helping her remain on the show. The semi-finals results show was no different for Baker. When host Carson Daley called her name as a member of the final four the shock on Baker’s face was easily seen.

“I was shocked, I think people could tell by the look on my face I was just not expecting to make it to the top four. When I entered the competition I had it in my mind that I would really like to make it to the top 12 or the top eight that would be cool and then ill be fine, but when Carson called my name I was speechless… Yeah I think its really cool that I made it that far,” said Baker.

Baker would finish fourth on season 14, while the talented artist did not finish first she did prove she belongs in country music. Since the show ended Baker has been hard at work trying to get her career off the ground performing shows, meeting with labels, and trying to get new music out to her fans.

“Well I just got back from Washington DC doing the PBS annual memorial day concert. They had between six and 9 million viewers not including the 50,000 that were in attendance. I’m making plans to move to Nashville. I'm also writing a lot. I got a couple meetings with labels coming up here shortly. I’m just really excited about whatever opportunities come, but I continue to grow as an artist and work on my craft and hopefully people will be hearing new music from me soon. And also seeing me at a couple of shows in the meantime,” said Baker.

During the two tight finale the finalists sang an original song. Baker sang a song called “old Soul” which instantly became a hit for her. The song went number one on the iTunes Country Charts and remained there for close to a week.

“That was cool. They gave us a lot of song submissions and I was in emotional torment trying to figure out which one would be the best… [I wanted to choose a song that] would be the best way to present myself to the world and the kind of artist I would be after the show. ‘Old Soul’ was really the perfect match I felt for me. It’s becoming this really beautiful song that a lot of people can relate to. It was really neat to watch peoples responses. It went to number one on the Country Charts and number five on the Overall Charts and it actually stayed at number one for almost a week. So I think that really speaks to what people are open to hearing. I’m just really grateful that I got a good one,” said Baker.

During the finale Baker had the opportunity to sing with her coach Blake Shelton. For Baker performing with her coach was the highlight of not only the show but one of the highlights of her life.

"Dueting with Blake was my favorite thing I’ve done on the entire season. That was the moment for me. How awesome is it to turn to your left and see Blake Shelton singing to you and looking right ta you> It’s not often. I'm really glad he didn’t forget the words like he dd in rehearsals and I'm also really glad that he made it really fun for me. That we laughed the whole way through. One of the biggest highlights of my life because he’s such a trailblazer in country music. I was so honored,” said Baker.

Baker is extremely grateful to each and every fan that believed enough in here to vote her though each week on the Show. Before coming to the Blind Auditions Baker had given up on music, today a few weeks after the show has ended she now she belongs on stage with a microphone in her hand.

“I cant say thank you enough. It’s different when you’re doing something and in your heart you know you can do it and then doing something and having the support of your city behind you. It’s indescribable and I'm so grateful to everyone who voted for me, purchased my music on iTune, streamed it on Apple Music and all of those things. It meant a lot to my journey on the show, but it also meant a lot to me. I know now more than ever that music is what I'm supposed to do and I cant wait to give the fans and everyone more music to enjoy,” said Baker.

Baker has a bright future in Country Music. The Voice has helped jump start her career and the talented artist is ready to show the world why she was able to advance to top four out of thousands of people who tried out for The Voice. Baker will be around for years in Country Music.

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