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The Lost Trailers Are Back

The Lost Trailers are back. With Jeff Dane at the helm the popular country music band will be coming out with new music and going out on tour after a two year hiatus.

The Lost Trailer were founded in 2000 by Stokes Nielson and in 2014 Dane became the lead singer of the band. The Lost Trailers have a few hit songs under their belt. The hit songs include “Call Me Crazy”, “Why Me”, “How Bout You Don’t”, and “Holler Back”. “How Bout You Don’” and “Holler Back” appeared on the album Holler Back which received three Academy of Country Music nominations. The will look to continue that success in 2018. According to Dane the timing is right for the band to reappear on the country music scene.

“We felt it was a good time. We’ve been broken up for a couple of years now. We’ve been talking with people and they were saying how nice it would be to see The [] Trailers come back. The black cowboy hat and all that stuff... And after talking with Stokes [Nielson], he thought it was a good idea and he said go for it,” said Dane.

The Lost Trailers will have their official relaunch during CMA Fest next month. It is important to Dane to draw in the passionate fans that supported the Lost Trailers for years. In addition, Dane would like to be able to attract a new wave of fans and expand the Trailers’ deep fan-base. With Dane on lead vocals fans can expect a new sound from the band.

“…My main focus right now is The Lost Trailers. Focusing on getting that going, and not only trying to please our old fans but trying to capture some new fans as well. It is going to be a new sound with me at the helm,” said Dane.

The Lost Trailers will be releasing new music within the next few weeks. The new EP will have four or five songs on it. According to Dane all of the recording is done and all they have left to do is to choose which songs will make the cut.

“[New music] should be [released] pretty soon. I would say within a couple of weeks we’ll have a new album out. We’ve been in the studio and we’ve got some other songs already that we want to use. This first one might just be a small EP that we put out with four or five songs. They’ve all already been mixed and mastered so it’s more of deciding which songs are going to end up on the new record,” said Dane

The Lost Trailers are ready to reestablish themselves as one of the top bands in country music. Stay tuned to find out their next show is going to be and when the EP will drop.

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