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'Better Than Good' is A Hit

Country music fans might not know who Jarrett Hartness is, but they will soon find out. The talented singer/songwriter is set to release a new song that will connect with and inspire people across the country.

Hartness first got into music as a way to cope with his parents’ divorce, and today he is doing music full time. Hartness has penned songs on his own, but has also worked with artists like Josh Gallagher. Gallagher and Hartness first met when the pair was new to town and hit off right away.

“Me and Josh met my first or second week in town, August of 2014. It was his second or first week too. it was kind of crazy, he just came up to me after I got done playing he said man I’d love to write with you sometime. I was like yeah sure why not,” said Hartness.

“I was going to leave and he was going to get up on stage and play and I just stuck around. I actually walked outside and walked back in and watched him play and we hit it off. He actually sat on the tailgate of my truck for a few hours after that show and just played songs. He’s a big Eric Church fan so we really hit it off on that. We’ve just been really good friends ever since. He’s been a brother to me,” continued Hartness.

Hartness is set to release his new single “Better Than Good” in June. “Better Than Good” is all done and ready to be released Hartness is just waiting to sure up some lose ends, like taking pictures for the artwork. The song comes from experiences that Hartness has recently gone through.

“‘Better Than Good’ I actually just quite drinking and I had a lot of things rolling through my head. That song just came out of nowhere. It was one of those songs I guess. I had something inside of me that I needed to get out and picked up the guitar and it came out right then,” said Hartness.

“It’s not really a regretful song to me, even though it might sound like it in many ways. It’s more of a reflection. Nobody can change the past, nobody knows the future. It’s just a song about somethings that maybe I would have done a little differently, and just kind of looking back on somethings. It was good to get it out. That instantly became one of my favorites. I really love that one,” continued Hartness.

For Hartness songwriting is about painting a picture. A picture of experiences he or people he knows have experienced so it connects with someone who hears the song.

“I love being able to paint a picture. Everything I write generally comes from something I’ve experienced or somebody I know has experienced. I think it’s got to be real life for me to write. I love how you can put real life into words and it can impact somebody, whether it’s a happy song, a sad song, fast, slow whatever it is I love being able to paint that picture. The coolest thing is when people relate to it. For me I think it’s a gift to be able to do this. It’s pretty awesome when people are impacted by it,” said Hartness.

Hartness is one artist to watch out for while in Nashville. In a city full of talent Hartness deserves to be considered among the best. “Better Than Good” will hit musical download sites like iTunes in June.

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