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The Darrin Morris Band Releases New Music

The Darrin Morris Band is on fire. Fresh off the release of their new single “Preacher Man” the band won Vocal Group of the Year at the Nashville Universe Awards. Whether it’s with their music, performing, or winning awards the Darrin Morris Band is showing the nation that they are ready to take Country Music by storm.

Before there was “Preacher Man” there was “Green Eyed Texas Angel”. “Green Eyed Texas Angel” which is off the band's Country To The Bone album has far exceeded anyone’s expectations. The fun Texas themed song has been climbing the charts ever since being released to Texas radio, and continues to climb the charts even though it has been replace by the Band’s newest single “Preacher Man”.

“It’s been great. Actually ‘Green Eyed Texas Angel’ has exceeded every expectation we had for that song. We thought obviously with the title ‘Green Eyed Texas Angel’ we’ll release it to the Texas stations and being from Texas, and it’s talking about the state of Texas, and everything we thought it would be a great way for us to make some intros into our home state. It would be great for that, but it really took off not only in Texas, but just all over the nation and even globally because they’re so many stations that are playing it. Like Australia, and England, and Iceland, and Greenland, and different places like that, the Netherlands. So the song just really has blown our minds as far as how far it's gone. And having that title we just didn’t think it would do that. I just checked and we’re over 300,000 streams on Spotify and the song's not even on the charts anymore. We’ve replaced it with ‘Preacher Man” now and it’s still climbing,” said Darrin Morris (Lead Singer).

Just like “Green Eyed Texas Angel”, “Preacher Man” has been doing extremely well ever since being released last month. The song is the band’s title cut on their next album which is set to be released next month. Morris wrote the song to cerebrate the life of his father. The song puts a different spin on a song that is written for a loved one who has passed away.

“I wrote this song in honor of my dad. My dad passed away about five years ago now, and he was a pastor for 48 years. So I wanted to honor him. Ever since he passed away I wanted to write a song. Most people when they write songs about losing people it’s usually a sad song kind of deal and it’s the normal thing to do. I tried to do that. I tried to write a song like that but I just could never do it. So finally I was like you know what why don’t I write a song that commemorates his life and celebrates who he was, and what he did, the things he taught me and that kind of stuff. So then I just started writing the song ‘Preacher Man’ and started talking about all the things he had accomplished, all the things that he taught me, my brothers, and sisters and the life that he lived in front us. You know he helped so many people a long the way. So yeah thats where the song came from,” said Morris.

Morris’ new album Preacher Man will include eight songs. The eight songs are comprised of songs written by Morris and songs written by Morris’ talented songwriting friends. One of the songs that Morris did not write is a song called “Crucified”. “Crucified” is one of Morris’ favorite songs on the album.

“…I would say there a song that I did not write and I wish would have written this song. A good friend of mine from Arkansas wrote this song. It’s actually called ‘Crucified’. It seems like a lot of the songs are geared towards bible concepts or bible or have titles like that, but it’s not really a religious album. But it does kind of lean that way towards that kind of deal… ‘Crucified’, it’s a breakup song. I'm a sucker for a sad country song. I don’t know why, that’s kind of weird but I just love sad country songs. That’s ‘Crucified’ is and it’s going to be a really good hit for us I think,” said Morris.

The Darrin Morris Band has a bright future in country music. To find out when new music will hit your favorite digital download platform or where they will play next like them on Facebook (@darrinmorrisbandmusic), and follow them on Instagram (morrisdarrin) and Twitter (@DMB5273).

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